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Jan 22 / Sonali Patel

Warrior Weekend – Welcome back!

Welcome back, Warriors! Another semester over, another semester to look forward to. (Holla to all the seniors like me who are excited/nervous about their last semester!)

5474d3b91e1b4_-_462008827-lgAuto Show!

Friday – Sunday, $13

I’m sure you have already heard about the Auto Show, whether it was your friend posting a sweet picture of a cool car or if it was the news broadcasting President Obama’s visit! The auto show is a cool time for all. Even if you’re not a car craze, no worries – spend the day pursuing futuristic designs and sitting inside of cars that cost two times your college tuition. *This is the last weekend for the Auto Show, so don’t delay!

  • If you’re not interested in the newest trends, or if you’ve already been to the Auto Show, consider popping over to the Ford Piquette Plant, where the auto industry originated, for a tour and to check out some original Model Ts!



Eisenhower Dance Presents…

We’ve got a special offer for you! Our friends at the Detroit Opera House have been gracious enough to provide a great discount for Wayne State students.. For this Saturday only, you can purchase $25 tickets to see the Eisenhower Dance company present Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring!” Many of the performers will be Wayne State students. This is a cool way to support local and support Wayne! Tickets can be purchased on the website by using the promo code ED25.