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Aug 8 / Hannah Mathers

13 Detroit things that didn’t exist four years ago

This post is exciting for me to write 🙂 About two years ago, I was on a run (two miles or so, I’ve never been very good lol) and right before my eyes, TWO businesses were putting up their “now open” signs. It became very evident to me that it is a very exciting time to be in Detroit. We out here growing y’all! Check out my list of things that didn’t exist/ have grown exponentially since I arrived in Detroit.

great_lakes_coffee1. Great Lakes Coffee 

The environment in this coffee shop is pretty much conducive to everything that you want to do. Work, have a meeting, chat, sit in your lonesome and contemplate life, the place is YOURS! It’s truly beautiful. And I can recommend the cider and “hot Mexican” (a spicy mocha!) Also, they serve beer and wine! Yaaaassss…


1407427196992 2. Slow Roll 

My first Slow Roll was about three years ago. I was the youngest and the most femaleish of the bunch (by that I mean the only female) and had the crappiest bike. There were about 20 of us and we went very fast (at least some of us did). There was nothing slow about it. I couldn’t keep up at all! Anyway, things have grown and progressed and Slow Roll is the absolutely BOMB! It is for EVERYONE! All shapes and sizes, all bikes, all colors, etc. It’s a truly beautiful thing and thousands gather every week to experience it. Please! If you do one thing, check out Slow Roll. You won’t be disappointed.

166432_141370469258064_5408885_n 3. Third Street Bar

Third Street was actually the restaurant that I saw putting their sign up a couple years ago! I thought that it was like a branch of Union Street (also a very good restaurant). Third Street is like my local midtown bar. I loveeee the environment. I can dance, sit and talk, meet new people, whatever and I love it. Also – no one is forcing me to buy drinks cuz sometimes I just aint got the money! It’s just super chill and the people are great. Ps – Dangerously Delicious Pies is in the back and yes, they’re definitely delicious <3

images-10 4. La Feria 

I met Elias, one of the owners, at Run This Town Detroit. We all actually ran to a restaurant for vote for him to win this grant to start his own “tapas” bar (I always thought he said “topless!”) Anyway, they won! And now they have this beautifully delicious Spanish Tapas restaurant. My Spanish friends said that is actually authentic too 🙂 Check them out!


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 15.59.475. Thursdays in the D

I love me some Thursdays in the D. Honestly, shhh don’t tell but my favorite part of Wayne State is Detroit (yes! I said it!) So anything that the university does to connect to the community is great in my book. <3 Check out Thursdays in the D for tons of great activities in the local area. Connect yo’self!


  1.  6. Whole Foods 

Do ya’ll remember when Whole Food opened? People were FREAKING OUT! Seriously tho. I remember hearing someone in Ann Arbor say, “oh you live in Detroit, cool they have a Whole Foods now” as if Whole Foods was the answer to all of our prayers. Lol! I’m not sure about all that, but I am sure that the company does cool things for the community. They always have events and good food. I can dig!

51ff206f3f428d1649bc51deb66c2516_pvic 7. New Center Park

New Center has everything that the soul needs. Every week they have a variety of great concerts (from gospel to rap to rock), movie nights, and DANCE PARTIES! I can’t get enough. Also, it is so close to campus. You can walk! And you should. Believe me <3



RUN-THIS-TOWN_Cass-Tech-Class-of-94-4 8. Run This Town Detroit

By far, my most absolutely, top, totally, extremely favorite community to be a part of (especially in working out). These are the most encouraging people that yo will every meet. Try me! Go to one session (Tuesdays at 6 pm and Saturday at 11am), network a little, work out a little, networkout a lot (clever of them right?) and try coming back feeling bad about yourself. YOU WON’T! These people are amazing. I’m so thankful for our community. Can’t get me enough of the love <3


Dlectricity-0826 9. DlectriCITY

This is super unique! (Like Detroit). Tons of artists place different exhibits/ activities in the midtown area and you walk around and enjoy <3 Last year there was a bike light decorating class thing. Yeah, we don’t mess around. Be sure to check it out on September 26th and 27th.



The Bottom Line Coffee House 10. The Bottom Line Coffee 

This coffee house is very quaint 🙂 I’ve only been once and I got a chai tea. Delishhhhhhh! Also, it’s cute in there and the location is nice. Could be your new study spot, ay?



images-1211. Shinola 

Pretty much national news in our backyard. Yeah, Bill Clinton came to check it out. All American made products, no big deal. We see you Shinola! Although I can’t afford anything in there, I love the idea and love that there are people investing in our community <3



images-1312. Jets

THROWBACK! Lol I know this is random but I remember when Jets opened and that junk was a big deal. Jets was actually like a little answer to our prayers. We were sick of Dominoes!  Do ya’ll remember that excitement? Hahah just wanted to take a moment and remember that.



auburnbig2cor13.  The Auburn

I’m not really that interested in the apartments here cuz they expensive as a muhhh but I am in love with all of the shops! There’s Source Booksellers (a fiction book store that used to be across the street with Spiral Collective, the people are absolutely wonderful at both of these places). There’s Cass Corridog (a super cute name), Hugh (sells all things “bachelor pad style”), The Butcher’s Daughter (an art gallery) and some more awesome stuff. 🙂


Growth is awesome, our community is great and I’m so thankful for being here. Happy exploring!

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  1. Amy CooperNo Gravatar / Aug 8 2014

    Awesome post Hannah! You rule, as always ;). Thanks for shining a little bit of your light on these sweet Detroit-specific activities. Go YOU!

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