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Jun 20 / Hannah Mathers

Warrior Weekend – The longest day of the year

This Saturday, June 21 marks the longest day of the year (something about the way the earth is in relation to the sun at the perfect angle, blah blah… IDK! I didn’t study science lol). What I DO know is that there is tons of things to do in the extra daylight, especially in Detroit, well DUH!

Detroit Riverdays

imagesJune 20-22
Detroit Riverfront (in front of the Renaissance Center)

Detroit Riverdays is a great way to spend the day of the year with the most sunlight <3 Check it outttt. It should be a great time. (Ps – Disclaimer! These aren’t my photos) List of activities below 🙂



Carnival Rides

It’s like a carnival! But with a much better view than your small town’s and with carnies with a Detroit twist. Ps- Don’t ride the yellow one if you have a weak stomach (I know from experience :/ )


Sand sculptures 

Wha whaaaa!??! I had no idea that was possible. So gorgeous!


Live music 

It aint a Detroit party without some jams (but you already knew that). There’s a long list of a bands from the whole spectrum <3 me some Detroit diversity.


Detroit Artscape

There is a huge art competition happening right now! So in case you were thinking that there wasn’t enough to do at Riverdays, now you know. 


Detroit Street Performers 

They call them “buskers”. Idk what that is, but it sound coooooo. Looks like no matter what you do at Riverdays, you’ll be entertained. (Even for the full, longest summer day that we got!)


Detroit Riverfront things that are always available 

If you have’t ran through the sprinkler things directly outside the Ren Cen yet, you’re doing something wrong (or maybe I’m just a child). This is literally always available! Riverdays is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity. A couple other things about the riverfront that NEVER change: the sunset, bike rentals (from Wheelhouse Detroit), the merry-go-round, the smell of the fresh water, the smiling faces, the view of the skyline, the wonderful people fishing everywhere, the view of Canada, and tons more.


Soooo… It’s safe to say that Detroit has you covered on ways to spend the longest day of the summer. Every time I realize how much is happening, I get a little too excited 🙂 haha Happy Detroiting ya’ll!


  1. Hannah MathersNo Gravatar / Jul 3 2014

    Awww Amyra you’re the best <3 Thanks girl! Let's do things together more often!

  2. AmyraNo Gravatar / Jun 24 2014

    You are always doing something awesome. So I know that all of these must also be awesome!
    You rock! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hannah MathersNo Gravatar / Jun 20 2014

    It does! Thanks a ton Carolyn 🙂

  4. CarolynNo Gravatar / Jun 20 2014

    Sounds like it’s going to be a fun weekend in Detroit! Thanks for the great update, Hannah!

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