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May 2 / Adam McArthur

Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 EA Sports
Battlefield 3 honors the series with an absolutely sensational multiplayer mode, featuring all the hallmarks of the series – with many vehicles and huge maps – and the winning  formula by adding an exciting evolution system, cooperative missions for two people and the wonderful visual from Frostbite engine graphic. Too bad the single player campaign is so dull, short and full of glitches.

The series “Battlefield” was born as a multiplayer experience exclusively, but in this third canonical episode the situation has changed: the producer Electronic Arts and DICE studio added to the formula a single player campaign, seeking to compete with the “Call of Duty” franchise which has both cinematic missions and online modes that are extremely popular.

The trump card is the graphics engine Frostbite 2, which promises a stunning visual with particle effects of light, extremely realistic characters, detailed scenarios and destructible environments.

Positive Points

Stunning graphics

Battlefield 3 GraphicsThe hype surrounding the campaign of “Battlefield 3” was the second Frostbite graphics engine and, whether or not, it was revolutionary and impressive as Electronic Arts boasted. The lighting effects are amazingly realistic, and their are accurate recreations of smoke and airborne particles. All these effects are complimented with well-defined detailed textures, stable frame rate and convincing animations.

Killer multiplayer

The franchise was born as a multiplayer experience and this remains the most brilliant mode of “Battlefield 3”. The formula is the same: huge scenarios, a wide variety of vehicles (including the coveted fighters), classes with different equipment and skills, and a great emphasis on teamwork.

Battlefield 3 takes a step forward for the series with its graphics engine, which allows a stunning visual without losing performance.

Negative Points

Weak campaign mode

This addition seemed to  backfire for Electronic Arts. This wasn’t as publicized due to  the high quality of the multiplayer mode. The company tried to curb criticism for the game’s single player campaign, and subsequently released a number of episodes, to compliment the main campaign of “Battlefield 3”.

Programming defects

Not all the experience and expertise of DICE and all the time testing alpha and beta could remedy “Battlefield 3” programming defects. Their are notorious ‘bugs’ littered throughout the campaign as with any other game. Its kind of hard to nit pick a game that look so great.


Best Place to Purchase

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I would love to hear your feedback.

Feb 25 / Adam McArthur

Madden 12 Review: A little disappointing

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase Madden 2012 from’s Daily PlayStation 3 Deals and gave it a good run through. I must say that my initial impression of the game was not incredibly thrilling. To qualify my opinion a little bit: I’ve been playing madden since 1992 on my Sega Genesis, and I took a break from the franchise when Sega released NFL2k. I’ve since had to convert back to madden due to their exclusive license with the NFL.
Madden 12 PlayStation 3 Cover
With that out of the way, what exactly are my grips? Well for starters, game play did not feel fluid. It’s been about two years since I’ve played a Madden game for any extended period of time, and I felt that they have no improved much if any with this year’s rendition. I just didn’t feel like the game was intuitive like it once had been. Controls seemed laggy and I felt like I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted. Maybe this was rust taking its toll, but I’ve never had an issue in the past with picking up a game and just going to town.

Even though I felt game play was lacking, it seemed that presentation and graphics were top notch. I believe this has been the bread and butter of EA for some time. Every year when the screenshots are released of the newest game, they always seem to amaze me with how far they have come with technology, and this game was no surprise in that respect.

Madden 12 Screenshot

With all of this said, I also gave NCAA 12 a try at my friends house. This game seemed like it was more intuitive and entertaining than madden. I don’t know if it was because of the competitive atmosphere I created with my friends or if the game was truly that much better, but I definitely seemed to enjoy my experience with NCAA more.


Feb 20 / Adam McArthur


I wanted to write a quick post about why I’m starting this blog and what I want to do. I’m excited that Wayne State offers an openly available blog to students and faculty looking to share their opinions. I feel that blogging is a great way to connect with a community and relief stress or send a good message. The purpose of my blog is to discuss video games. I’m an avid video game player, who has been playing games since the early 90’s (gotta love the Sega Genesis). I find they offer a healthy escape for when I want to relax after I finished the day’s work.

I currently own a PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming consoles. I’ve had my Xbox since 2006 and recently purchased the PS3 a year ago to play with friends online. I believe both consoles still have a year or two of serviceable life so I can justify my starting this blog. I also plan to expand once new consoles are introduced (Except in the Wii U’s case unless it’s relevant to a point I want to make…I’m really not that big of a Nintendo fan).

I’m an avid reader of various video game and technology news sites….engadget, joystiq, IGN, VG247, Gamespot…just to name a few. With each news story, I generally have an opinion and will enjoy sharing them on this blog. Aside from news, I typically rent a lot of video games on the weekends. I will share with you my experiences from various video games and whether I found them enjoyable or not. I use to be a very hardcore gamer, but with class and work I would say I’m more casual now.

Recently, I’ve made it a point to try out various Kinect games. I find that the Kinect is the best motion sensing accessory available to date and that Microsoft needs to push developers to embrace the technology further, and come up with better ways to incorporate the sensor into every game.

That’s all I have time for today. Thanks for reading and have a great day!