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Jun 18 / Anita Carter

Making a Smooth Transition to College


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  1. Anita Carter / Jul 28 2012

    The Advising discussion board is not yet live. We are in the process of completing preparations for the Blackboard course. Look for an email from Blackboard mid-August. There is a time management activity that you will complete and then questions to answer.

  2. Tia / Jul 27 2012

    My comment relates to this podcast as well as the Managing Your Time document that was sent to us freshman. The document said to post the answers to ‘What activity, other than sleep, do you spend the most time on each week?’ And ‘what activities could you decrease to fit in the 36-40 hours required for school each week?’ on the “Advising Discussion” board, but I can’t seem to find it. My answers to those two questions would be (1) I spend the most time working if I am scheduled or watching television while I am not scheduled, and (2) I could reduce the amount of time I spend in front of the television and increase the amount of time I will use to study.

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