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Oct 16 / Anita Carter

Pre-Dental Student Organization

WSU Pre-dental students are encouraged to join the WSU Pre-dental Student Association (PDSA). For more information on joining and meeting times, please email

Oct 9 / WSU Pre-Health

Herculean Tasks

The pursuit to medical school is paved by many obstacles; one could call them our Herculean tasks.  There is maintaining a competitive GPA, being involved in extracurricular activities, taking the appropriate science classes, and, the most daunting of all, taking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The MCAT is the most dreaded exam that pre-med students face because it plays a pivotal role in one’s acceptance into medical school.  And so, in an effort of self-preservation, I procrastinated taking the MCAT past the point that I probably should have.  So, while my fellow classmates were studying and taking prep courses, I was living in a world where the MCAT didn’t exist.  However, my fantasy was going to come to an end sooner or later, so I finally signed up to take it on July 2, the summer after my junior year.  This date was scary, in and of itself, because it would not provide me with a lot of opportunities to retake it, especially with Ramada (fasting from sunup to sundown) starting right after.  I told myself I would start studying throughout that winter semester and then focus only on the MCAT after the semester was over.  All good plans, however, go awry and I was too immersed in my studies to give the MCAT the proper attention it deserved.  Adding to my distractions was my sister’s upcoming wedding in May and the arrival of relatives for said wedding.  Suffice it to say, there was a lot going on and I was getting nervous about my chances of doing well.

To help with the process, I signed up for a Kaplan Prep course just to keep me on task.  Plus, I also wanted an excuse to get out of the house during those crazy wedding times.  So, when the semester finally ended, I had approximately two months to get ready for this crucial exam.  That, more than anything, really scared me and helped me focus.  I created a daily schedule of what I needed to accomplish – from 8 am to evening – including all the resources at my disposal.  I tried to stick with this schedule as closely as possible and for the most part it worked.  The schedule really helped because there was never any moment where I felt at a loss for something to do.  I always had a goal and task at hand.  And so the weeks flew by until the time of my sister’s wedding, and then I had to take a break.  Despite the distraction that her wedding afforded, it also helped because it gave me something to look forward to.  Also, it created a sense of anxiety within me that I was going to lose so much time having to prep, plan, and attend so many events that I would have to make up for it later in my exam prep.  Thus, it only lit the fire within me more.

This “fire” kept me going for the next couple weeks.  My parents were great in allowing me to study and the Kaplan class helped guide me through some of the material.  And then, finally, the dreaded day arrived.  I was scheduled to take the MCAT at Wayne State so it was a familiar place, but I didn’t feel like driving – the anxiety and butterflies were eating through my stomach.  My mom drove me to Wayne and I actually made her come up and wait with me in the testing place (I am the youngest so it was my prerogative).  While waiting in the hallway to be called in, I couldn’t focus – a million thoughts were racing through my head.  I reread the testing procedures sheet like ten times but nothing seemed to sink in.  Then they called my name.  I was fingerprinted and checked in. I put my headphones on, and the test began…..

Sakeena Fatima, ’14

Aug 1 / Anita Carter

Cytotechnology no longer accepting students

The WSU Cytotechnology Program will not be accepting new students for the foreseeable future. This action is necessary because our program is an academic affiliate of the DMC Cytotechnology Program, and the DMC has officially gone on “inactive” status, although they will let our currently enrolled student complete the program. The DMC reportedly will re-evaluate the status of their program in a few years.

Karen Krzisnik Apolloni, MSA, MLS(ASCP)cm
Director, Clinical Laboratory Science Program
Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Wayne State University
Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Department of Fundamental and Applied Sciences
Mortuary Science Building
5439 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48202
(313) 577-2014

Jan 17 / Anita Carter

WSU Medical School presents Clinical Skills Night

Hello All Pre-Health Students!

We would like to invite you to join us on Monday, January 28th from 5-8pm in the Ballroom of Student Center(2nd floor) for a fun night where you will have the opportunity to learn essential clinical skills from local physicians and current WSU medical students! This is a great time for you to get out there and network with other individuals and prove that the health care field is for you. There will be on campus organizations involved with volunteer and medical work on site to answer any questions you may have!

At Clinical Skills Night, you and other students will have the opportunity to rotate from table to table in groups and learn from current WSU medical students & local physician’s how to suture wounds, use an ultrasound machine, take vital signs, learn skills on heart and lung auscultations, learn to take physical, neurological and head & neck exams as well as much more! In addition, you will be exposed to physician’s speaking on their work, meet pre-health organizations and talk with current WSU medical student’s about their experiences in medical school. Furthermore, pre-med students will be able to meet with Kate Bernas, pre-medical advisor, who can assist with questions about academic and professional preparation for medical school.

All proceeds from this event go to WSU’s School of Medicine’s World Health Student Organization for their Ecuador Medical Mission Relief Trip! Every penny will go directly towards the purchase of medications for those who will be treated in Ecuador during the mission!

For $10 Pre-Sale Tickets (available until January 27th only), please contact:

1) Mansi Patel President of The United Pre-Health Student Society OR

2) Dima Farhat President of the Pre-Professional Medical Society OR

3) Gino Etta President of Rebuilding Together Wayne State University OR

4) Palak Thakore President of Multiple Sclerosis Society of MI

5) Attend The United Pre-Health Student Society’s first general meeting of the semester on Wednesday, January 16th from 5:30-6:30pm in Hilberry A of the Student Center(2nd Floor). More detailed information about Clinical Skills Night will be presented by a current WSU medical student.

6) On January 28th, tickets are available for purchase at the door for $15.

7) If you are not a Wayne State University student and would like to attend the event please contact:

Gino Etta: 248-914-0265
Allen Kadado: 248-990-0410

In addition to learning clinical skills, meeting with other pre-health students, food & refreshments will be provided at the event! Please refer to the flyer attached for further information or contact any of the individuals named above with any questions or concerns!

We look forward to seeing you at Clinical Skills Night,

Mansi Patel President – United Pre-Health Student Society (UPHSS)
Allen Kadado World Health Student Organization (WHSO)
Gino Etta President – Rebuilding Together Wayne State University (RTWSU)
Dima Farhat President – Pre Professional Medical Society (PPMS)
Palak Thakore President – National Multiple Sclerosis Society of MI

Mar 9 / Anita Carter

Pre-Pharmacy application deadline change

Please note the new application deadline for the PharmD program starting with the 2013 admissions cycle. The Doctor of Pharmacy program at Wayne State University has moved its application deadline starting in the 2013 admissions cycle from December 1st to OCTOBER 1st.

Feb 21 / Anita Carter

Second Semester Success: Reaching Your Potential

Feb 21 / Anita Carter

Effective Listening and Note Taking

Sep 25 / Anita Carter

Top 10 Tips to Survive College

Sep 25 / Anita Carter

Reading College Textbooks

Jun 18 / Anita Carter

Making a Smooth Transition to College