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Apr 15 / Emanuel Word

Project: 6

Part B

Choosing a stimulating paragraph of text from one of my blog entries.
Use InDesign, conduct an exhaustive comparative visual analysis:
The Goal
In doing these exercises, is to discover the optimum combination or
interaction between these constant typographic variables. From these tests, you will choose the appropriate formatting for your book’s body text, headings, subheads, etc.

Project 6 B

This project requires a lot of hard work and dedication.


Part C

Design a “Book” using text, headlines and subheads based on your Comparative Visual
Analysis. Select one font, one size and one weight for text, select of one font, one size and one weight for headline and select one font, one size and one weight for subheads. These selections will be used throughout the book, a maximum of three fonts. Use a minimum of 5 entries from your blog; include images and typographic samples
that are pertinent to each article.

Project 6 Par C

This entire project was a learning lesson for me because it required a lot of thought, precision and dedication to complete.


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  1. Khalled Allie / Apr 23 2014

    like many others, your work is very clean. nice job creating, and working with many of these layouts as a whole. you really brought out the spark in every layout and page. clean layouts are good layouts. also pretty cool that you made your PDF’s interactive by having us actually click on the link. good work mate!!!

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