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Apr 15 / Emanuel Word

Project 5: Kerned Interventions

Part A

Using InDesign, set the following letter pairs in the assigned typefaces at the following sizes:
10pt; 36pt and 120pt. Do not adjust the upper/lowercase arrangements.
ATAV ITC Baskerville Roman, Adobe Garamond Regular.
AWoY Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps, Gill Sans Extra Bold.
71–101 ITC Baskerville Roman, Bodoni Regular.
KyLY Adobe Garamond Regular Italic, ITC Baskerville Bold.
YaYe Gill Sans Regular, ITC Baskerville Roman.
PoTA ITC Baskerville Roman, Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps.
TaTe Adobe Garamond Regular, Gill Sans Extra Bold.
Todl Gill Sans Regular, Bodoni Regular.
oaob Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps; ITC Baskerville Roman.
10–11 Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps, ITC Baskerville Roman,
Gill Sans Extra Bold.


Cover page

project 5 Part A



Part B
This was about composing a Haiku about Typography. This is a collaborative exercise. As a group, compose a Haiku about Typography using the phrasing pattern: 5-7-5.
Strive for even, harmonious flow and rhythm: between each of the letters
— between groupings of letters — between words — between lines.
We had to consider for the first time, how the spacing of a line of type affects the lines above and below it. It’s about thinking about possible issues related to vertical spacing. Uppercase/small caps need more generous space between letters; larger letters need more space
between them too.


Project 5 Haiku image

Part C

Was about creating letters that have a x-height of at least 4.5” from one of the words in your Haiku.
Each person will use a word of at least 5 letters, print one letter per 8.5 x 11 sheet. Use a typefacethat has small caps available. Print out the sheets. Assemble the word on a wall. The exercise
is one of keringing and letterspacing. Document this by photographing the word. Place this
photo on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

Project 5 Fleeing image



Project 5 Haiku image 2