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Apr 25 / Emanuel Word

Pecha Kucha

Using Typography to create Art

Not only is putting the right words together a challenge, but using Typography to create art is even a bigger challenge. Drawing is a skill itself and it takes some dedication and determination.  Having the ability to design art using words is very creative, especially when creating a masterpiece.

Apr 15 / Emanuel Word

Project: 6

Part B

Choosing a stimulating paragraph of text from one of my blog entries.
Use InDesign, conduct an exhaustive comparative visual analysis:
The Goal
In doing these exercises, is to discover the optimum combination or
interaction between these constant typographic variables. From these tests, you will choose the appropriate formatting for your book’s body text, headings, subheads, etc.

Project 6 B

This project requires a lot of hard work and dedication.


Part C

Design a “Book” using text, headlines and subheads based on your Comparative Visual
Analysis. Select one font, one size and one weight for text, select of one font, one size and one weight for headline and select one font, one size and one weight for subheads. These selections will be used throughout the book, a maximum of three fonts. Use a minimum of 5 entries from your blog; include images and typographic samples
that are pertinent to each article.

Project 6 Par C

This entire project was a learning lesson for me because it required a lot of thought, precision and dedication to complete.


Apr 15 / Emanuel Word

Project 5: Kerned Interventions

Part A

Using InDesign, set the following letter pairs in the assigned typefaces at the following sizes:
10pt; 36pt and 120pt. Do not adjust the upper/lowercase arrangements.
ATAV ITC Baskerville Roman, Adobe Garamond Regular.
AWoY Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps, Gill Sans Extra Bold.
71–101 ITC Baskerville Roman, Bodoni Regular.
KyLY Adobe Garamond Regular Italic, ITC Baskerville Bold.
YaYe Gill Sans Regular, ITC Baskerville Roman.
PoTA ITC Baskerville Roman, Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps.
TaTe Adobe Garamond Regular, Gill Sans Extra Bold.
Todl Gill Sans Regular, Bodoni Regular.
oaob Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps; ITC Baskerville Roman.
10–11 Adobe Garamond Regular Small Caps, ITC Baskerville Roman,
Gill Sans Extra Bold.


Cover page

project 5 Part A



Part B
This was about composing a Haiku about Typography. This is a collaborative exercise. As a group, compose a Haiku about Typography using the phrasing pattern: 5-7-5.
Strive for even, harmonious flow and rhythm: between each of the letters
— between groupings of letters — between words — between lines.
We had to consider for the first time, how the spacing of a line of type affects the lines above and below it. It’s about thinking about possible issues related to vertical spacing. Uppercase/small caps need more generous space between letters; larger letters need more space
between them too.


Project 5 Haiku image

Part C

Was about creating letters that have a x-height of at least 4.5” from one of the words in your Haiku.
Each person will use a word of at least 5 letters, print one letter per 8.5 x 11 sheet. Use a typefacethat has small caps available. Print out the sheets. Assemble the word on a wall. The exercise
is one of keringing and letterspacing. Document this by photographing the word. Place this
photo on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

Project 5 Fleeing image



Project 5 Haiku image 2


Apr 15 / Emanuel Word


Week 1. Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type pages 13-19 humanism and the Body – Enlightenment and Abstraction.

Week 3. Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type pages 46-53 Type classification and families, super families, and Capitals /small capitals.

The Elements of Typographic style by Robert Bringhurst pages 46-53 Numerals, Capitals /small capitals and ligatures.

Week 7. The Elements of Typographic style by Robert Bringhurst pages 72 -79 An alphabetic Symbols.

Week 1o. Study assigned readings the the Quiz.

Week 11. The Elements of Typographic style by Robert Bringhurst pages 91 -96 & 102 -110.

Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type pages 30-34.

Week 13.  The Elements of Typographic style by Robert Bringhurst pages 151 -207  shaping the pages and fonts.

Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type pages 143 (Hierarchy), 155 -179 grids, columns, margins, space and tables.




Apr 13 / Emanuel Word

Star Wars Intro

What would star wars be without typography. In the beginning of every star wars movie there’s typography. Thick yellow outlined words with a black background.

Star Wars


Star Wars intro

These words are designed in one point perspective. The words moving and disappearing gives us the illusion that it is receding into the distance. Well done!


Apr 13 / Emanuel Word

Dark Knight Motion Typography

Communicating is one of the most important ways to convey a message. This example shows the sadistic Joker talking to a bunch of criminals, by using motion typography  in the video. It’s like you’re watching a movie and the Caption feature is on the TV, so you can see the words visually while people are talking.

The Dark Knight - Joker's Scene - Motion Typography

Apr 13 / Emanuel Word

Kinetic typography

Working with kinetic typography can be really fun! Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Animating text requires you to pay attention to timing your animation just right to get the desired results. The timing in this Kinetic text was excellent, because everything fell into place right on time. It looks like this was done in Adobe  Flash. Adobe flash is a good program for various animations.

Kinetic Typography

Apr 13 / Emanuel Word

Advanced Typography

Once you become more familiar with Typography, you can start taking your skill level up a notch.  In this tutorial  you learn step by step on how to create Type using GIMP. GIMP is software similar to Photoshop and Illustrator. The artist done well by using large white text over small black text. It makes the large text visible.


Advanced Typography

Apr 13 / Emanuel Word

3D typography Illusion

3d illusion gives the image depth. I feel like you can reach inside this text and grab it. With out depth the text wouldn’t look  like it is really occupying space.


3D typography Illusion

Apr 13 / Emanuel Word

Water Text effects Tutorial in Photoshop

The looks convincing. The water effect for the text was created in Photoshop. The transparent look the used  makes the water look real. I love the dripping look.

Water Text effects Tutorial in Photoshop

Here is a link for creating water looking results for your text.