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Nov 17 / Brandon Fredericksen

Reading: The Armature, The Grid, and Grid System

What is an armature?

It is something that binds elements through deliberate but random placement. They employ principles of alignment,visual proportion, balance and harmony.

What is a grid?

Grids also bind elements, but they have structure, in addition to visual rules. An example being a morning newspaper – the columns are set up in a grid, that read left to right – a common rule.

Grid systems put similar principles to work except within a calculated program. It is an “organizational map” to which every element submits.


“Working with the grid system means submitting to laws of universal validity.

The use of the grid system implies:

the will to systematize, to clarify;

the will to penetrate to the essentials, to concentrate;

the will to cultivate objectivity instead of subjectivity;

the will to rationalize the creative and technical production process;

the will to integrate elements of color, form and material;

the will to achieve architectural dominion over surface and space;

the will to adopt a  positive, forward-looking attitude;

the recognition of the importance of education and the effect of work devised in a constructive and creative spirit.”



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