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Oct 16 / Brandon Fredericksen

Project 3 – Literal / Fictional Letterforms

Project 3 is the first project that has required us to draft up some thumbnail sketches. The objective was to observe the characteristics of a font style. and then combine those different characteristics. At the end, we will combine those elements and create a fictional letterform. Thumbnail sketches are good for process to get all your ideas down in rough sketches, while you continue to work and build onto them. img003 img004 img007

These thumbnails (excluding the last three sketches in the final image) are the first 15 that show the different characteristics of my font style, which is modern. All they are, are closeups on the different features. This part was easy, and fun to explore and sketch.

The bottom three sketches of the last image were the second part of the thumbnail process. This was interesting because most, if not nearly all of the class got too far ahead of themselves on this part. We ended up combining letters to make the final product (which wasn’t the goal).

img006 img005

You can clearly see in a lot of these how I tried to simply combine two letters to create something new. Although, a few of these were still usable in the project description.


img002 img001


These are the redone thumbnails. Focusing mainly on the features of several different letterforms, these are the pieces of the final product.

Overall the thumbnail process has been interesting, maybe a bit stressful after finding we did the assignment wrong, but fun nonetheless.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 10.35.36 AM


This is what my final letter turned to be. I named it “tew”. There is still a lot of room for improvement on this letter, and if I could go back and change it for a new grade, I would remove the curve at the bottom of the letter to make it feel less awkward. I would also change the serif on the thick side of the letter, because as it stands, it doesn’t really fit in to the rest of the piece. The serif on the skinny side is also centered, which on this type style, they are slightly off centered.

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