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Sep 15 / Brandon Fredericksen

What is kautious?

Kautious is who I am. It is my tag. It’s who I define myself as a designer. I wanted to create a name that was somewhat mysterious, but has a meaning behind it. Kautious means to keep weary of your surroundings, but look forward to tomorrow. Don’t let the future throw you off, but don’t get caught up in today. The past has happened, today is now, and the future is yet to be.

Kautious is simple. The designs made are simplistic and easy to read. I like the modern and simple approach to design. This is my logo, along with a slogan. Think simple.


I added this into a previous post about type crimes. The text “kautious” under the logo was stretched out to fit the space under the logo itself, which is a crime. I plan on posting more of the process work under the name kautious throughout his blog along with an updated logo with better type.

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  1. Daniel McCafferty / Sep 20 2013

    haha… i love this brandon, it’s like a typographic confessional. thanks for sharing it…

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