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Dec 6 / Steven Church

Video Crits for Kevin

I gave Kevin a link on his blog to the crits. I might as well post the links here to.




Dec 4 / Steven Church

Project 4 Constrained Systems.

I was assigned the words Depreciation and Unmannered. I found the work Depreciation much easier to work with then Unmannered as there was a very strong idea of what depreciation is. I found it much to be like rust that consumes a car usually starting a wheel well then it slowly creeps up and consumes the whole car. So for depreciation I played around a lot with negative and positive space, trying to take out more of each letter with each letter in the word until, almost as the whole word was decaying over time.

For unmannered I really wanted to go with a theme of nature so that would possibly be why I chose using circles instead of squares for this project. I wanted to use a shape that naturally occurred in living things. I found word very hard to create, at first I wanted to make the composition look similar to a decaying city, with lack of ideas on how to accomplish such a think the idea had to be scrapped. So then I began to look more internal then I found another direction, I chose to make the work look more like cells in a living organism. Different sizes and even using both upper case and lower case letters helped me accomplish making unmannered feel unmannered, yet stilling being an unchanging part of nature.



Nov 29 / Steven Church

Looking Back Project 2 Font Mannerisms

I found this project semi difficult to work with, as everything was broken up into part. Then those parts had to be in one file, the file had to be put into layers so that the whole part was compressed. It got a bit confusing when I was working with 8 layers for one part in one file. Then converting all the files to a pdf. that I would really like to upload some of the pages from the book of our final product did not transfer to the printer to well. I even tried to look at a few of the files to upload the my blog but the images form the individual files were compressed on top of each other form the layers we had to make in the files for each part of the project. I will try and find out how to clean this up and upload some of the pages from the book to give as examples for each part of the process that was involved into making the final product.

I should also mention that all the students in the class were assigned a font family to study and use through the whole project. Mine was Adobe Jenson Pro. Adobe Jenson Pro is an old style serif type font that was designed by Robert Slimbach.




Nov 29 / Steven Church

Looking back Project 1 Scavenger Hunt

I thought this project was really fun and interesting. I was surprised how many minimal letter forms that I found and that others of my group found and brought back for the project. There was such a wide range of places that these letters were found such as at my home I found that a mug looked like a Q when standing right above it. There was another picture of a vice that looked like a G. I will upload a few of the images I found to be the best.

Nov 6 / Steven Church

Constrained Systems

Dictionary Definitions:

Depreciation-decrease in value due to war and tear, decay, decline in price, ect.


Unmannered– natural and unaffected.


Self Definition:

Depreciation– a sinking or decay of how much something is worth.

Unmannered– something within nature that is unchanging, untamed.


Oct 25 / Steven Church

Project #3 Letter forms


Had a lot of fun drawing out the letters in the project form the first part. Found it a bit harder to sketch the thumbnails still need to practice drawing. Its not essential to be able to draw in as a graphic designer, however it is a very useful skill. It should be something I think I would like to pursue to improve into the future, perhaps when I have a bit more free time.

Digitizing the sketch was pretty straight forward. I found it hard to work with the pen tool at first, but then I found out the few ancor point you have the easier it gets. For others that are designers I really recommend that you master the pen tool. Giving me a better appreciation for minimalisme.