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Feb 28 / Douglas Peacock

#EndCCstigma Article review

I have been following the #endccstigma campaign on Twitter. I found out about this program when wrote an article about the #Endccstigma campaign. Steve Robinson the President of Owens Community College in Toledo Ohio started this program and I have no doubt that it will be successful. It is new and exciting that a college is now truly understanding the feelings that many students have and facing it HEAD ON. This program is another way to promote community colleges and the price tag/experience comes with. An opposition would say that students need that 4-year university experience. 2-year schools are now offering more than ever at a fantastic discount. The 4-year experiences is a wonderful thing. Students loans and the interest they accrue is a different experience all together.

Best wishes to Owens. More press will come as other 2-year schools and transfer friendly 4-year schools will start to understand this stigma. This is an opportunity to speak to students starting at their institution and find the reasons they are there. For now, at least there is a name to this stigma and we can start to combat it. #endccstigma