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Jan 28 / Martin Anand


an expression opposite of the actual feeling
do the right thing for the wrong reason
employ reality as little as possible
“you have got to be kidding me?”
in a delicate race against time to avoid waking the butterfly
endless regurgitating fragments of the same scences
” I wonder if i can say what i need to say”
record facts in notebook
nonsensical . nonessential
happy or unhappy
searching for correct prejuidices

Jan 25 / Martin Anand


symbolic thought
-everything that needs to be said has already
been said; since nobody was listening lets say it again-
fill in the gaps by making things up
apparently you dont know either
write what you want to read
dont wait until you know who you are!
the best of nothing
“would you still love me if i wasn’t beautiful?’
not easily approachable
tapping the brakes
achieve balance * impression
can one recognize a stranger

Jan 22 / Martin Anand


winner takes nothing
heavily layered absurd desire
acute case of identity crises
fictious evocative haunting memories
any criticism i consider a compliment
somewhere, something went wrong.

defiant. distant. difficult. arrogant. unaware.
brutually beautiful mysterious secrets
we could not figure out if we were on time or an hour late
talking to myself a lot

Jan 14 / Martin Anand

fresh insult p

long distance indecent exposure
half-heartedly past human embrace
complimentary yet contradictory
useless and precious
perfectly mismatched
“he is going to live beyond tuesday”
…as if arriving at a feeling for the first time
say nothing at all in own defense
talking like a fortune cookie
magdalena is his honoary female name
most advanced yet barely accetable
eternally unreliable rather then the controversial
‘pick a happy memory’

Dec 23 / Martin Anand

s memo

what is that you do

when you do

what you do?

stop communicating . start looking .

that\’s not the fantasy i wanted you to have

making a living out of complete sentences

fuck more strangers

write fortune cookies

there are two answers to one question

losing ambition gaining perspectuive

aggressively ignoring

no excuse not to write yet writing that i am still not writing

stay awake in others presence

pontifications of colorful language

(if i\’m not mistaken) and i usually am…

\”i don\’t know what that means beyond being what it is\”

we had to talk about our not talking about it for the rest of the session

creative plumbing

Dec 15 / Martin Anand


contemplating existence
wildly inconsistent
never let a good crises go to waste
make the novel seem familiar
wake up dead gods
he never was the thing he became
trying to escape metaphorically
positive deviant
because art should kill
what now?
why do we believe what we believe?
avoiding eye contact at all costs
statement making
dead rubber

Dec 7 / Martin Anand


if you beat there kids, they will thank u.
“if they laugh, it’s funny”
i really like that u like what i like
finding connections between melting ice, doughnuts and underwear
nothing was taking but the place
forming empty gazes
tape. guards. spotlights.
my truth is your fiction
arbitrary system failure
oatmeal shower
getting together without actually meeting
unlimted freedom to express except any serious issues
beyond assumptions
i am seeing something because i a m looking

Nov 23 / Martin Anand


searching for a slightly better idea
imaginary fog advisory
“whatever happens, don’t write about me”
mental aggressive contortions
overstimulated and bored
untouched by human hands
apprehensive militant
“intellectual nihilism”
contemporary serendipity
escape singular definition
systematic assumption elimination
sacred and profane
hollow dream monologue
cosmic significance
unable to be alone
uncomfortable with presence
secure panic philosophical penetration
disarm and manipulate
the extreme is save
is fear ever rational?
the steel butterfly still roars

Nov 17 / Martin Anand


uninterested acceptance
human interaction avoidance
wet and spread
moderation and balance
why do i feel the need to be productive?
fascism for fredom
ego and regret
multiple ulterior motives

“why not?”
social akwardness.
vulgar and demented
twist and turn
flattered happy laughing blushing.
dog eat dog as she is kissing me

Nov 11 / Martin Anand

Lambaste aplomb

embezzeld reputation
cloyingly nice
constant tumult
fighting, flirting, flying cocktails
a penchantfor repeating the mistakes
of the past
clean slate method
plane proximity question
the main task in a post-scarcity
society seems to be how to keep
people busy
“it was a