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Mar 5 / Martin Anand


intimate writing
“thats not a reason
thats a consequence”
its very difficult to explain the illogical logically
“can u do what u did before but make it different?”
I buy things and never use them
trying to achieve the momentary escape to be restorative
“he could leave with a six pack & come back with a case,
yet he got lost using his gps”
smile / compete
arguing for extenuating circumstances
beofre meaning is frozen
the obvious is not always apparent
father: will go to any extremes to save the
innocent except the relatives
success and failure are met with the same reaction
-the message is the message-
what a revelation
going into two different directions at once
poetically resonating cliches
trying to express higher feelings not contained in a single word
“I will only remember the things that never happened”
ponder – share – dispute

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