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May 10 / Martin Anand

shift in worldview

marketed fantasies

pompous & irritating

direct & evasive

humility & confiedence

random moments

absence of precedent

contemplate the paradox

freedom & fate

emotinal support / expected

to find passion

“i miss somebody who i dont even know”

May 2 / Martin Anand


ignore / control “why dont u ever call me baby?” poetic transparency “you’re ruining my life!”  expressionless patience can be nonacceptance go nuts! seeking to express without reservation superfical busyness no obligation to the audience hiding behind language the greatest crimes are commited by following the rules intimate strangers unsolicited advice: make strawberry basil salsa!

Apr 26 / Martin Anand


,fighting uncritcal obiedence the unthinkable becoming the inevitable open question resolution “I tried it anyway which u can imagine” relatable. wearing oneself out trying to understand meaning hedonic adaptation declare a deadline hesitation to develop any kind of comprehensive strategy perpetual jet lag no nonsense discussion “ironic & hypocritcal” be relevant spirtual gangster

Apr 21 / Martin Anand

inexplicable , unexplainable

constructive criticism

extreme delegation

she either didn’t care or didn’t believe me –

probably both

what is the link between money and art?

one continuous mistake

cut-throat with a smile

ignoring the inevitable

make something out of nothing

I say something and deny it at the same time

permanent state of free fall

Apr 18 / Martin Anand

delayer / clown

enforced intimacy

inability to learn from past behavior

poems arent about anything

it made me sad that

meaning is a western invention

stealing the phrase: stealing phrases

nervous . angry . confused .

“i feel like a character in a movie i have never seen”

Apr 14 / Martin Anand


imaginative innuendos
identify the difference between the
sensational and the relevant
travel immunization
eye candy
the blood sport of taste
status quo bias
aggressive & paranoid
junk released by allowed list
‘accidental racist’
fractual cosmetic knowledge
payoff exposure consequence
confrontational investigative style
apologize / worry

Apr 7 / Martin Anand

word press

rare true love

difficult to enter

easy to leave

chance / opportunity

gambled away indecisivley

lost potential happiness

enthusiasm. faith. believe.

pseudomonastic. female friendly

ungoogleable decisonmaker

the present without depth

intentional imagination colonization

find a new way to fuk up

those trying to help are causing the most harm

reinforces / legitimatizes

all different in the same way



Mar 29 / Martin Anand

enter title here

thought prosecution
could never fully return her love
cause was too lost in own passivity
to make contact needed
asking questions that dont require answers
no desire
concealed compulsive meanings mutate radically
not tried hard enough
like strangers too each other seeing her again


busy doing nothing
which emotions are important to reveal?
” I function best in crises”
meant to destroy
avoid question of guilt
neither admit nor deny
th (is) not food .
do not eat

Mar 5 / Martin Anand


intimate writing
“thats not a reason
thats a consequence”
its very difficult to explain the illogical logically
“can u do what u did before but make it different?”
I buy things and never use them
trying to achieve the momentary escape to be restorative
“he could leave with a six pack & come back with a case,
yet he got lost using his gps”
smile / compete
arguing for extenuating circumstances
beofre meaning is frozen
the obvious is not always apparent
father: will go to any extremes to save the
innocent except the relatives
success and failure are met with the same reaction
-the message is the message-
what a revelation
going into two different directions at once
poetically resonating cliches
trying to express higher feelings not contained in a single word
“I will only remember the things that never happened”
ponder – share – dispute

Feb 26 / Martin Anand

did u miss me?

gazing at the reflection in the mirror
but only recognizing a stranger
“would u have thought of me any
different if I would have come dressed
in a bunny suit?”
“U cant expect me to be myself
ignoring the elephant in the room”
how could it have been forgotten
if it has not even been remembered?
since I can remember things that never happened
traces of never exisiting
is written by the winner
filling the gaps by making things up
seeing something cause I’m looking
the past improves with distance .
in a race against time to avoid
waking the delicate butterfly
why do we believe what we believe beyond assumptions?
anything makes sense when u believe it