The Road So Far…

My biggest takeaway from this past Fall semester is learning time management, y’know? I know there’s a lot of talk about it and how important it is…but dannnng – it’s VITAL, and it hit me hard last semester! So feel free to take it from me, if you’d like:

There would be times I’d scroll pointlessly through some kind of social media, or I would go down little rabbit holes of some topic that wasn’t necessary in a moment when I actually needed to accomplish many other things…it was ridiculous! It’s important, now more than ever, that we practice discipline with the time that we’re given, to the best of our ability.

So y’know when you have maybe an hour in-between classes? I would sometimes do NOTHING but decompress a bit and relax. “What can I even get done in an hour?” Agh, DUDE! EVERYTHING!

And as good as it is to take moments for yourself, in reality, I took advantage of those moments too much and I could’ve been taking that time to sit down and do those little things that would make the “big thing” so much smaller. Breaking up the big stuff is makes everything more manageable! We know this! And it’s time for me to start applying it. So now taking that into practice with this semester, I’m already noticing the difference in how I approach EVERYTHING! “Can I handle this extra thing in this week or today or tomorrow?” “When, in my schedule, do I have time to work on this assignment uninterrupted?” Figuring out that time and making a plan with yourself has been super helpful for me so far.

Hope this helped someone a bit, too.

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