The Road So Far…

My biggest takeaway from this past Fall semester is learning time management, y’know? I know there’s a lot of talk about it and how important it is…but dannnng – it’s VITAL, and it hit me hard last semester! So feel free to take it from me, if you’d like:

There would be times I’d scroll pointlessly through some kind of social media, or I would go down little rabbit holes of some topic that wasn’t necessary in a moment when I actually needed to accomplish many other things…it was ridiculous! It’s important, now more than ever, that we practice discipline with the time that we’re given, to the best of our ability.

So y’know when you have maybe an hour in-between classes? I would sometimes do NOTHING but decompress a bit and relax. “What can I even get done in an hour?” Agh, DUDE! EVERYTHING!

And as good as it is to take moments for yourself, in reality, I took advantage of those moments too much and I could’ve been taking that time to sit down and do those little things that would make the “big thing” so much smaller. Breaking up the big stuff is makes everything more manageable! We know this! And it’s time for me to start applying it. So now taking that into practice with this semester, I’m already noticing the difference in how I approach EVERYTHING! “Can I handle this extra thing in this week or today or tomorrow?” “When, in my schedule, do I have time to work on this assignment uninterrupted?” Figuring out that time and making a plan with yourself has been super helpful for me so far.

Hope this helped someone a bit, too.


Not to be the cliché hipster with a “different” opinion, but New Year’s Eve is a really boring celebration for me. I don’t care for it.

There could be a mix of reasons! My lack of real friends is definitely one. Another is the fact that I don’t drink or do any kind of drugs. No shots for the new year, no hits for the “new me.” And that’s all perfectly fine!

So no. I will admit that I didn’t go out for New Year’s Eve. And I’ll go on further to confess that I haven’t gone out for the last couple years. Instead, I had a night to myself and played Assassin’s Creed – last New Year’s, I played the edition of the game that takes place in Ancient Egypt, this New Year’s I played the newest game that takes place in Ancient Greece. I played the game all night long and into the new year. The game makes me incredibly happy to explore and play in, and it’s perfect for ignoring the societal expectation of the fact that I should be doing something bigger with my night.

For me, New Year’s Day isn’t the kick in the butt I need to get myself into gear and back to what I want to be and what I need to be. No New Year’s Resolutions. It’s more so the idea of a new semester with different classes that re-inspires me. I don’t feel as if my work is burying me at this point, and I realized how much I love to be able to take on different projects and opportunities outside of classes.

It’s important to have homework and do work for the classes you’re taking, sure…but I feel that it’s vital to have ample amounts of free time to be able to create and explore what’s out there. I have a professor who believes that stress will diminish creativity and I really felt that last semester at times! So now that classes are still so new and fresh and we’re easing into everything again – my mind feels SO CLEAR and it’s truly a beautiful thing. I’m incredibly grateful for the fact that Winter semester will always be kinder to the student’s mind than Fall semester.

There’s a little more light at the end of the day with Winter semester and it feels great. Cheers to the new semester, cheers to the new year, y’all.