Some Actual Thoughts from Class

We’re a little over halfway through the semester now. Whew. I’ve just been informed by my professors that this was the easier half.

Our Voice II class where we were each a different aspect of the vocal tract in a line.

But man, oh man. We’ve been getting our butts kicked in the best way. Constantly being pushed further in our studies and in our craft of acting. I’m one in a class of nine. There’s enough people to work with, but the classes are
small enough to have a good amount of time with the professor.

Our Acting III classes has been the one of most growth for us. We’re studying Meisner technique after having learned some Chekhov technique and wow. It’s been such a practical technique for many of us and it’s all about not doing anything unless something happens to make you do it. So you’re not over-acting, you’re not under-acting. It’s just sincerely realistic to the best of one’s ability and relies on working with your scene partner, creating moments. We focus on the craft, and Meisner is a firm believer, as is our professor, that anyone can act and it is the ability to act. Our professor is brilliant and genuinely cares about each and every one of us, and that means the world to a bunch of young artists like us.