So I’m a Peer Mentor for the Theatre & Dance department, and for the past couple months or so, we’ve been planning to throw a good party as a full department! Invite the faculty, invite the grads, and the undergrads! It was time. This semester has been long without any real break and we decided that having a Friendsgiving would be the best bet to ease up the semester.

So many wonderful people showed up and even better, many brought dishes to share. My friend made this AMAZING macaroni recipe, my professor brought sloppy joes, my advisor and his wife made the BEST cookies I’ve had in ages…it was all so perfect.

Theatre AND dance got together. We never get to actually hang out with each other all that often. And for the first-years, it was amazing for them to meet upperclassmen and the upperclassmen got to meet the first-years! Usually, we meet people at rehearsals or in classes, not usually a lot outside of that. We can get stuck in a rut that way. I’m around the same 8 people every day. They are my second family in many ways, but at the end of the day, I love diversity in thought and in people. I get bored around the same people after a while. Friendsgiving was this amazing, celebratory thing. It was a family event for us, and a new tradition in the arts for Wayne State.