Studying? Abroad? Don’t have to ask me twice.

Hiya! I went on a study abroad over the summer – wow. Came back with a decent piece of my heart missing and new tastes for good food. Italy was a dream.

We studied a form of theatre called commedia dell’arte, which roughly translates to “comedy of art”. My brilliant professors combined Shakespearian comedy with commedia traditions and Michael Chekhov acting techniques. We put together a performance over the course of an entire month while traveling around the country and visiting various museums and towns.

I couldn’t have asked for a more immersive learning experience. When you’re surrounded by an entirely different language – one that you’re not fluent in…yet – you focus less on the words and more on what the person speaking is expressing with their bodies. The Italians are known to talk with their hands a lot and, in the best way, they are some dramatic people! There was so much to take away from watching them.

I’m just going to include pictures because MAN. It was swell. I’m planning on getting back over there as soon as I can – enjoy!

Little alley in Rome not even a block from where we lived for a week.
Ancient part of Rome, home of the Colosseum and a TON of ruins. It was really cool.
The Trevi Fountain and me. So. Cool. Really busy there, but I got the chance to get up close and was quite content with that haha
This was the view from our classroom
Pienza – home of great cheese and great views in the middle of Tuscany
Met the most wonderful Italian company and they showed me around and introduced me to amazing food – of course

Best hot chocolate ever. Went in 1-2 times a week.
After a motorbike ride with friends up north
Classic Florence
One of many canals in Venice, had to grab a shot here
Non-stop ice cream. This was my third gelato that day. -Venezia
San Gimignano – home of world award-winning gelato. I can testify that it was the best I had in the entire country.
Commedia dell’arte performance at the end of our month abroad!
Commedia dell’arte performance at the end of our month abroad!

My theatre department is the only reason I was able to finally live out a part of my dream and travel to Europe. I am absolutely forever grateful to this place for teaching me and gosh…for financially having my back!

To the next adventure.