Worth It

My experience at Wayne State so far has honestly been such a dream. It was a dream I never really realized that I had had before. For me, it was always making a living off of art and acting. But going to college…that’s a weird dream in a way.

It’s the dream of getting out of high school and away from a hometown that you’ve outgrown to a big city that you get to grow into. It’s meeting new friends to explore with. Making new connections in your field and learning how to live on your own. It’s been a rewarding experience thus far. It’s a little crazy at times, but then to remember that “go with the flow” mindset, everything tends to fall in place.

It’s like when you go the actual speed limit on a road and other people might be flying past you or they’re waaaay behind you, cruising, but because you’re going the exact speed limit that’s set for you on that specific road, all the lights stay green and are timed perfectly just for you, going your speed and doing your thing. Maybe that’s overly simplistic, or maybe that speed thing only works on Gratiot, but y’know. Do your thing in life. Learn what you can, live honestly and breathe easy through hard times and traffic.

And there you go with a little cheesy summer wisdom! I’ll be off on a study abroad trip to Italy for the summer and taking in as much of the world as I can.

Hope anyone reading is enjoying the warmer weather we’re getting!