No Thoughts of Class

One of the best parts of this semester has been spring break. I spontaneously asked one of my best friends if she wanted to do a road trip. She said she’s got a sister in each of the Carolinas who would be more than happy to host us.

Fourteen hours later and we’re on an island off South Carolina. I couldn’t have asked for more, the wind didn’t bite with cold. The air was so pleasant and fresh. It was warm. It was so different than

Detroit. My friend and I were eager to get out of the city for a week, away from our worries and classes.

The first day, her sister showed us around and we went to the beach with a perfect view of the Atlantic. So so so amazing. I’m really missing it now since it’s about thirty-six degrees out now without a hint of blue sky.

We hung out on the days it was a little rainy, watched the newest season of Jessica Jones (finished it pretty quickly, too), and just enjoyed our new environment. We then spent the next few days in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, I’d never been to the Carolinas or knew much about them at all. So I thought Charlotte was this cute tourist town or something. It wasn’t. It’s was a legit city full of skyscrapers and hot dog stands on every corner. It was so cool.

Best part about Charlotte was on our last day when the sun was out and it was warm and I taught my friend how to skateboard in a neighborhood with a bunch of great hills without potholes. We skated all afternoon.