Ol’ Leo

This past week, I had to give an eight-minute informative speech in class… It was difficult to say the least. But we got to choose our topic, so that helped. I did it on my idol – a man who’s been dead for centuries. Leonardo da Vinci, the great artist and scientist.

It’s the fact that he embodied both logic and creativity that makes me love what he did so much. He was obsessively curious about the world and observed nearly every aspect of the world. There’s very little that he didn’t write about in his notebooks. Not many people know just how much of a scientist he was. He would dissect human bodies to understand how they worked at the deepest level and made all sorts of discoveries, he invented flying machines and developed a way to breathe for extended periods of time underwater. He created weapons of war since Italy was a mess at the time and he needed money for his talents. He studied the eyes and how they took in light, he watched the stars and made observations about our place. He looked at nature and how everything moved and flowed together. And y’know. He painted what is arguably the world’s most famous painting, The Mona Lisa. No big deal.

I love that he embodied such a balance within himself of both science and art. It’s so rare to see that in people, but when you do, it really makes amazing conversations and amazing friendships.