My mom said this to me when making the final decision for my career: do what you lose yourself in. Meaning, what can you do with your life that you lose track of time? Do you like to solve algebraic equations and just forget about everything else? Do you like to debate theory and your voice could go on for hours with passion? Do you want to sculpt something with your bare hands and get wrapped up in the possible details? There’s a lot to explore out there in the world. You’ve only got to be willing to open yourself up enough to let something come to you. Or, better yet, you go to something. You’re not going to always be able to catch things. Sometimes you gotta reach for stuff, too.

Ah. Good and cheesy intro work for you on this fine day?

I once met someone who worked at a bank. She had a nine-to-five job and really didn’t like it. The only time she was really living was when she was rehearsing and performing a play. I’ve noticed, with a lot of the people I graduated high school with, many of them went into what was deemed as “practical degrees” and within a semester or two of college, they switched they’re degree to the fine arts. It happens all the time.

I think that, even if you manage to graduate with a degree in something not artistic, but you really have the passion for something else, you are going to find a way to do what you enjoy. It might not be as often as you like, but passion finds a way. I’ve seen it happen too often to not believe that.

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