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Sep 7 / Ton'nise

Type Feature Identification

I was given 2 pairs of G typefaces and I will explain the features in each and the difference in the similar typeface.

Typeface 1


In this typeface, the g’s hook on the top is flat ,straight and rounded on the end.  The circle in the middle can be seen as the number 0 shape. The middle section that connects the top to the bottom is pointed in the middle..  The bottom of the g is connected to the middle of the g structure.





Typeface 2

 In this typeface, The hook on the g is curved and has more weight at the end. It is attached at upward angle. The round space at the top is a large 0 shape and makes the bottom space of the round part thin.  The middle curve connecting the top part of the g to the bottom starts off as a thin line and gets thicker as it connects to the bottom half.  The end stroke of this character is curved and separate from the middle section.





Differences between both:

  • The hook on the top
  • The circle size in the top half
  • The middle connecting point
  • The bottom half

The first typeface to me seems like a classic font for more serious documents.  It has a sharpness to it with the angle that it provides in the hook and middle point. Typeface 2 is different than the first because its seems more playful and is very curvy.  The top hook is large and round and the middle point is a smooth curve connecting to the bottom.  The bottom hook is not connected to the middle section like the first typeface.  Ive also noticed that the open space in typeface 3 is larger than typeface 1.


Typeface 3 

In this typeface  the large oval space  more to the right side which causes the  black space on the sides to be uneven.    The bottom book is wide and low and the flat end is the same width and the width as black part  on the top half.  The curvature of the bottom hook matches with curvature of the white oval space above it.


Typeface 4

This typeface gives a closed in feel to it.  The front of the top part of the g is very think and the white space is round.  The the stem on the bottom has a steep curve and is close to the bottom curve of the top part.




Differences between both:

  • Typeface 4 is larger that Typeface 3
  • Typeface 4 has a steeper curve than Typeface 4
  • White negative space

An interesting thing I found in these two typefaces are that the corners are different.

  • Typeface 3’s corner is at a point

  • Typeface 4’s corner point is curved

Just for fun, I’m guessing that for 3 Helvetica Neue


  1. dan / Sep 8 2012

    oh, one more note–i am looking forward to you type research and projects as well.
    one thing you should get a quick handle on is using the widgets in the control panel for your blog, so you can take advantage of tagging and categorizing your entries. d.

  2. dan / Sep 8 2012

    Ton’nise, this is a great start! Good job! I love seeing the inclusion of the info graphic and the analysis. Keep going!

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