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Jul 17 / Ton'nise

I Graduated!

I now have my B.F.A in Art with a Concentration in Photography!  I graduated  in 2015 and since I have started my Entrepreneurship journey.

I was Graphic Design major and I decided to change it after I took this Typography class that this blog was originally created for.  I realized that Photography was more suited for me.

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Dec 12 / Ton'nise

Book Process

First I did the layout on InDesign of how I wanted my book and printed it out.


I pasted all of the cut out pieces and pasted it on my blank paper.



After I pasted all of the little pieces on the paper I photocopied it and made it into a book.
















Nov 13 / Ton'nise

Type Funnies

I was researching about typography when I cam upon this word, “Keming”  I thought of kerning immediately and thought it was either a typo or it was a word I never learned.  I saw this post and I got the joke.


Here are some other sites I found with typography jokes.







Nov 1 / Ton'nise

Project 4

I dont really know what Project 4 is, but right now I’m looking up 2 words and their definition.  My words are Destruction and Energetic.



Here is some of my research:


Definition: The state or fact of being destroyed. Ruin

My definition: To destroy things


Things that describe destruction:





Picture examples:


Definition: The state or fact of being destroyed. Ruin

My definition: To destroy things


Things that are energetic:



A happy person






I’m guessing the end product is supposed to look something like this

Oct 21 / Ton'nise

Fictional letterforms pt 3

The final process I have to go through is digitizing my sketches.


This part is really hard because I have to create a letter that will fit into the family and look believable.  Though I feel that some of the letters that I made were believable, they weren’t technically correct.

Oct 21 / Ton'nise

Fictional Letterforms Pt.2

The next part of this project I had to analyze different parts of my font family.  I drew 30 thumbnails of the parts of the letterforms that interested me the most.

The font I chose to analyze is Utopia.

I noticed that in my Font family there are serifs and thick and thin lines.  All letters are geometrical and structured.

Oct 15 / Ton'nise

Fictional Letterforms

This is my third project where I have to create a letter to fit into the Traditional sans category.  This is the first part of my assignment. I have to redraw the letters of Didot font.




Sep 25 / Ton'nise

Alexander R Presentation

My Groups Presentation Alexander R Presentation

Sep 13 / Ton'nise

Aleksander Mikhailovich Rodchenko

Aleksander Roschenko was a Russian artist who expressed himself through photography, sculpture, and graphic design.  From what I seen in alot of his work with graphic design, he creates ads that are geometrical and have basic coloring like black, white, and red.  With his photography, I could tell he was interested in people and where they went and the things that they did.


Sources- Coming Soon

Sep 8 / Ton'nise

Thinking with Type


This is the book that I use for this class. “Thinking with type” By Ellen Lupton. In this book you learn the basics of typography and its very interesting.