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Constrained Systems: Research

Initial research for the words “Destruction” and “Energetic”.


27 Nov 2012


Letterpress printing was the standard method of printing for approximately 500 years prior to offset printing taking the reins in the twentieth century.  Letterpress printing is the ‘relief’ printing of text and images using a press with movable type or plates, in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper.  Invented by Johannes Gutenberg, it replaced handwritten calligraphy and was the popular form of printed text from the mid-15th century until the 19th century.

Until very recently, much of this letterpress printing was accomplished using both metal and wood type, literally individual letters arranged to form words.  The type could be reused over and over as long as it was cared for and well-maintained.  While metal type was ideal for commercial printing involving small type (like newspapers), wood type was the best option for larger projects, i.e. posters, broadsides and playbills, due to its lightweight nature.  Type often reflected the trends of the day, from Victorian to Art Nouveau to clean, contemporary stylings of post war design.

25 Oct 2012

Letters Rule the World

“Gothic lettering shows the aggressiveness of how letters can rule the world. The flourishing lines draw around the cup and form into the name of five major circles of latitude that go around the actual earth. The lettering is done with Copic pen and composed on Photoshop.”

By Alisara Tareekes

25 Oct 2012

Mo”holy” Nagy Type Communication

A quick lesson from Lazlo Moholy Nagy.  He preached that typography can communicate with the viewer on more then a linguistic level. In other words it can be used as a design element to better convey a message.

In this instance the word “PNEUMATIK” acts as a raceway for this automobile.


26 Sep 2012

Good vs Bad

Typography is integrated into our everyday lives and is often over looked by the average human.  When I tell my friends “I’m studying letter forms” they give me a look that says “seriously?” and then tell me “oh cool, that sounds very… interesting”.  What people dont realize is the huge role typography plays in design and they’re lives.  The big thing is that often good typography goes unnoticed.



13 Sep 2012

Typeface Identity

4 Sep 2012