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Mar 26 / Robert Kakos

Modeling Elastomers in MSC Nastran

 Modeling Elastomers in MSC Nastran

Many Mechanical Engineering students at WSU, College of Engineering will have an opportunity to model elastomers as part of larger projects.    Elastomers such as rubber require special treatment due to material non-linear behavior, MSC Nastran provides a rich set of resources for accurately modeling real-world problems involving high geometric and material non-linearities.   Applications of MSC Nastran in non-linear domain are wide ranging.

When inventing new products or designs our talented engineering graduates have to take into consideration many real-world challenges when working with elastomers.  For example,

  •     Pre-stress Seal behavior due to assembly, operation, or weathering
  •     Environmental operational strains such as boots, bellows, gaskets, door-seals, bushings, mounts and other visco-elastic constraints
  •     Common condition simulation, contact patch calculations and  fatigue life
  •     Contact Stress analysis of seals subjected to pressure, temperature and frictional effects

To learn more about modeling elastomers in MSC Nastran register for this upcoming free webinar.

Date: April 3, 2012
Time: 8:30 a.m. Eastern or 1:30 p.m. Eastern
Duration: 45 Minutes

Presented by: Fouad Hafiani, Senior Application Engineer;
Webinar Host: Srinivas Reddy, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Bio: Fouad Hafiani, MSME from UNH, has been working with nonlinear FEA for 18 years. Over the last few years, he provided technical support and training classes for MSC products including MSC Nastran, Patran, Marc/Mentat. Prior to joining MSC, he worked as CAE/FEA engineer as well as a product design and development engineer of polymers and elastomers. He documented material characterization procedures of elastomers including EPDM, TPV, TPE, and PVC for better correlation. He has an FEA Certification from GM, and supported programs and projects from concept to launch. Currently Fouad works as a Senior Application Engineer and supports several products including Marc/Mentat, Nastran, and Patran.

About this Webcast!
Though elastomers are widely used in engineering structures, their modeling and analysis is not very well understood among engineers. Because of large deformations and their unique nonlinear behavior, close attention needs to be paid while modeling these materials. This webinar provides you an overview of some key aspects of elastomer modeling and how you can simulate elastomeric components in MSC Nastran.


Join this webcast to…

  • Learn about the elastomer modeling capabilities in MSC Nastran;
  • Learn how to perform a nonlinear analysis with elastomers;
  • See a demo of the pre & post-processing.

Who Should Attend?

  • CAE Analysts
  • Product Design Engineers
  • Engineering Managers

Cost: FREE

Following the webcast, you will be able to join in a live Q&A to have your specific questions answered.

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