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Underware and its founders

OH RIGHT! I almost forgot. Underware and its founders really recomend this site for people who are beginners or really want to study type!

17 Apr 2013

Underware and its Founders

Akiem Helmling

1971 born in Heidelberg, Germany. 1994–1998 study of Graphic Design at the Fachhochshule Mannheim. 1998/2000 postgraduate study at the KABK Den Haag. Runs West with his girl-friend Marie-José. Lives in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Bas Jacobs
Born in Wanssum, the Netherlands, 1976. Studied visual communication at the art academy ABK in Maastricht and followed the post-graduate course typography and type design at the KABK Den Haag. Lives in Amsterdam.

Sami Kortemäki
Born in Kerava, Finland 1975. Over the years 1995–2001 he studied graphic design at the Lahti polytechnic/institue of design. During 1998–1999 he also studied at the KABK in Den Haag. Lives with his wife Ulrika and their son in Helsinki, Finland.

KABK is the royal academy of art.

This foundry is really laid back and always looking to try new things. They create versatile fonts,  conduct type workshops, run a radio station called Typeradio have experimented with blood i guess too? They have a lot of fun with what they do and like i said above are always open to new ideas and techniques.


17 Apr 2013

Sibylle Hagmann

She runs Kontour, and went to the base school of design to earn her degree in fine arts. She then came to California to earn her M.F.A at the art institute and graduated in 1996. She is known for award winning typefaces such as Cholla and Odile. She is widely known and has traveled various places in the world giving presentations on her ideas and typefaces.


17 Apr 2013

Nikola Djurek

Nikola works with Typotheque as well but also owns his own studio called Typo nine, which recently created a new typeface caled Audree. It is based on combinations if i understand correctly. you can pick anything from  an inline effect or normal, a high contrast in stroke weight or very subtle , as well as other things and a choice of 15 different serifs. I think thats actually really cool, im not sure how it works on a computer exactly but i think the idea is super cool.




17 Apr 2013

Johanna Bil’ak

She works with the foundry of Typotheque and participates in something called e-a-t Experiment and Typography. It is something that several designers are trying to use to bring czech and slovak designers together. This is the website, I just really like the way its formatted.

17 Apr 2013

Type anatomy.

This is a really great site about typography! it has what we learned and MORE! very cool.

17 Apr 2013

Typefaces in real life?




So I don’t know if you can call this real life BUT I read a web comic that revolves heavily around text and a chat client. While reading the comic I cant help but notice the typefaces they use, I meant to go look for them but then I found this and it made me really excited because it allowed me to bring this into school work somehow. Anyway, I’m, at least glad I am not the only one on the internet concerned with the typefaces in Homestuck. And this says fonts but they really mean typeface.



1 Apr 2013

the process of our installation!

this was a long and tough process but it was really fun and well worth everything in the end!!

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1 Apr 2013

My haiku.

Words can come alive

Typography says it all

Perfect letters made

1 Apr 2013

Modular words

After fussing around with countless errors I finally had a chance to upload these. I wanted to die, it took forever before I could figure out what went wrong. UGH!

Anyway, enigmatic looks the way I wanted it too but changes can always be made, possibly making it harder to read? and as for disappearance, i think it could disappear more, like cut out the top half of the letters and let your eyes finish it. That would be interesting. Maybe I will go back and change it just to see the differenceenigmatic2 disapear

1 Apr 2013