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Oct 19 / Taylor Plotzke

Project 3: Fictional Letterform – Process Work


The beginning stages of my process work. I started with observing the anatomy of Adobe Garamond Pro letterforms, and tried to understand how I would later be able to attach and “mash” parts together to create my own letter form. IMG_0222IMG_0186

Having a print out of the actual font is extremely helpful while drawing. The quality of my drawing and over all sketches came out better this way. IMG_0226IMG_0227IMG_0231IMG_0230IMG_0229As I was drawing, I started noticing certain parts that caught my eye. I was constantly going back to the ‘e’ and the ‘u’. Once I started maing my full sketches, I trying several things, and then trying incorporating these interesting letterforms as well. I became intrigued by the idea of the ‘i’ and ‘j’ and what it may look like for them to have a third counterpart in the alphabet. This is in my mind, I was inspired to create my final sketch…