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Oct 7 / Taylor Plotzke

Project 2: Font Mannerisms – Reflection

Project two started out with me exploring the typeface Baskerville in its most basic form. I just analyzed Baskerville in bold, italic, regular, and bold italic by looking at its baseline, x-height, and cap height at first. By doing this I was able to understand the differences between the font families. The second half of part one also helped me explore that aspect as well. In part two I was able to look at the details and close in on specific parts of type anatomy. I played with color and chose letters that I found interesting while also choosing letters that had important typographic elements like Q, k, t, and S. This part of the project was my favorite because of the combination of typography and design. The second half of part two was focused more on the specific anatomical parts of the letters. I liked using color with this part as well because I found it was easier to cleanly highlight elements that I found important, and keep a cohesive theme going throughout my project. Part three was interesting because, like part two, I was able to integrate design with typography. I was interested in communicating my chosen words “contrasting” and “elegant”. This part was a learning experience, or reminder rather, where I saw how much sketching helps form ideas. I came to a conclusion about what I wanted to produce much quicker when I made tons of sketches. Over all, I loved this project. I would like to go back and even add more to part three since I found that portion so enjoyable.