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Sep 16 / Taylor Plotzke

Typotheque Type Foundry Research

Typotheque is a type foundry and design studio founded in 1999 by Peter Bi’lak. It is now run by him and Johanna Bi’lak, and features collaborations with Nikola Djurek. The main focus of their studio is to produce contemporary typefaces and designs which are reflective of the time we live in. Their fonts contribute to designs around the world by featuring many different types of “extended language support”. This included Latin and non-Latin fonts. They have countless amounts of web fonts available which gives web designers looking for something contemporary and new a different choice. Typotheque has an interesting typeface called “Body Type” available, which is inspired by a feature and app called “Dance Writer”. It features hi-res photographs depicting letters through modern dance. Bi’lak was interested in this concept and after studying it, came out with the Dance Writer.

Typotheque designs things like postage stamps, oversized posters, they organize events, design exhibitions, and as a foundry, enjoy having all access to the design process from the very beginning rather than just altering and completing a final layout.