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So this blog thing has been majorly slacking this semester. I had trouble uploading pictures because I exceeded space last semester. I am really excited about graphic design two. I am learning a lot of information this semester. At first we learned about grid systems. The timeless way of building by Christopher Alexander. he talks about patterns and grid structures. So for the beginning of class thats all we learned about was structures of grids. Then we picked a pattern system and I explored a train station, and its ways of communicating certain things to its users. Travel, moving goods, and other things.


I will upload pictures of my process work also.

Then we explored a visual analysis of something we had a personal attachment to. I Picked origami flowers that I gave my great grandma and received after she passed away. It really came together for me after the first crit, I was going to boring and needed to liven the piece up. I wasn’t connected with it yet.

Now we are mapping out concepts. I am excited to see where this project will go. I have already done my explorations of having to track everything I did for 24 hours, and now I am putting my data into classifications.



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Posted by Samantha Witte on March 26, 2013

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