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Modular Font

We’re learning about modular fonts; and in this it pertains to both of my words. My word spontaneous is a very curvy word form and the second is inundation which to me sounds like a heavy straight form, so both of these look like the font shown above.


Inundation – define: noun: overwhelming supply or amount:

designers definition: having too much of something and becoming overtaken.

examples: raking leaves, a flood


Spontaneous – define: adj: an act of impulse

designers definition: making a move on a whim.

examples, spending without need , driving to somewhere unplanned.



Posted by Samantha Witte on November 6, 2012
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  1. 11/8/2012
    Ashley Ratusznik

    love your idea of the words! i think that it will be a struggle to depict your thoughts in the letterforms but i believe that is true for all of us!! good luck!

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