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So after this long semester, and I am finally relaxing and starting to ease into summer! I am in the middle of doing research for my PPP project and I have finally found my Practice; I want to eventually be a Museum exhibition designer. This is a really important practice to be aware of!

What Does a Museum Exhibit Designer Do?

A museum exhibit designer is responsible for the overall design and planning of museum exhibits. These professionals can work in all types of museums and galleries, from large history museums to intimate art galleries. In general, a museum exhibit designer will often have a number of different duties and responsibilities.

It is important to know about because with our degree in Fine Art with a major of Graphic Design this could be an option for your career.


This is the URL that will lead you to a visual build up of the exhibition I think is really an interesting design and important to be aware that it is out there and available to be seen! It is designed by the company Lord Cultural Resources, and they do many other things but do specialize in Exhibition Design.



19 Apr 2013

Interesting movie to check out

Like we seen at the beginning of this semester se7en had a really interesting typographic entrance to the movie. The new Wizard of Oz movie is ONE to check out if you’re big into type!




here is a video that you can watch the entire credits! I was really impressed with the era they were trying to base these off of!

31 Mar 2013

forgotten blog

So this blog thing has been majorly slacking this semester. I had trouble uploading pictures because I exceeded space last semester. I am really excited about graphic design two. I am learning a lot of information this semester. At first we learned about grid systems. The timeless way of building by Christopher Alexander. he talks about patterns and grid structures. So for the beginning of class thats all we learned about was structures of grids. Then we picked a pattern system and I explored a train station, and its ways of communicating certain things to its users. Travel, moving goods, and other things.


I will upload pictures of my process work also.

Then we explored a visual analysis of something we had a personal attachment to. I Picked origami flowers that I gave my great grandma and received after she passed away. It really came together for me after the first crit, I was going to boring and needed to liven the piece up. I wasn’t connected with it yet.

Now we are mapping out concepts. I am excited to see where this project will go. I have already done my explorations of having to track everything I did for 24 hours, and now I am putting my data into classifications.



26 Mar 2013


I just wanted to share this, in case you’re having a hard time finding a graphic designer to research about!

They have some of the most impressive portfolios on this website! Enjoy

16 Jan 2013

critique for Project 4;





These are the blog crits I did for Shareese 🙂 Great JOb!!

27 Nov 2012

Inundation Final

So I have too many pictures on my blog, so I guess you will have to wait and see my final 🙂

15 Nov 2012

These were the rough drafts for my final system




these are the rough drafts which I took beyond and made them go further.

15 Nov 2012












these were the explorations I did to achieve Inundation, which means an overwhelming supply or amount

15 Nov 2012


15 Nov 2012

Project Four Constrained Systems












15 Nov 2012