get to know me

My name is Easmin. I am currently a student at Wayne State University, where I am double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. I will be a junior this upcoming Fall 2018 semester. Along with being a student I am also working part time as a sales associate My interest in business has led me to pursue jobs in retail to experience customer service and merchandising first hand. Working in these positions I am in charge of organizing and merchandising the store to keep up with an exceptional appearance of the store along with delivering exceptional customer service while maintaining  a high degree of professionalism.


I live, work and study in Detroit. Detroit is a beautiful city that has and will continue to flourish. Growing up in Detroit has provided me with experiences I will have never come close to anywhere else. I am originally from Detroit and have spent my whole life here but I did come from a immigrant family. My parents arrived in America when they were my age, holding odd jobs in a completely foreign country for the future of their children. My father came to America with no family, a few dollars. All he had was a dream. That dream was my siblings and I. He didn’t know us yet but he took the leap anyway. I have seen hard work and perseverance in my immigrant parents, they have moved boulders for me to live my life.  I owe it to my parents to work hard and pursue my dreams.


My biggest dreams include working in marketing. I want to one day manage a team that studies businesses and decides on altercations that will increase sales,  profits and create brand awareness. My interests in marketing started when I saw superbowl commercials as a child. Seeing companies use thirty seconds of live air time to display what their company stands for and making sure people remember it is what inspires me to this day to pursue a career in this field. When this opportunity at StudySoup came along I knew i had to apply. This is the first stepping stone into what I want to do with my life and I couldn’t let this opportunity slip.