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Oct 13 / Nausheen Zaman

Weekly Roundup #2

Good afternoon! It’s the beginning of the week, which means it’s back to business as per usual at Wayne State. Anyone saw Hillary Clinton at the Voting Rally yesterday? It’s still surreal that she actually came and spoke to Wayne State students, it was great.

But anyways, now for the roundup! This past week (10/3/2016-10/10/2016), 6 Notetakers have uploaded to StudySoup. Twenty-two documents were uploaded this week, bringing the total number of documents uploaded for Wayne State up to 610. Good job this week!

The top 10 most viewed materials for StudySoup so far are:

  1. CHM 1040 Study Guide
  2. PSY 1010 Class Notes
  3. MAT 1800 Class Notes
  4. PSY 1010 Class Notes
  5. CSC 3110 Study Guide
  6. CHM 1040 Class Notes
  7. MAT 1800 Class Notes
  8. MAT 1800 Class Notes
  9. SPA 3300 Class Notes
  10. CHM 1040 Class Notes

Here are the Top 5 Most Popular Materials from last week:

  1. PSY 1010 Class Notes
  2. CHM 1040 Study Guide
  3. BIO 1500 Class Notes
  4. CHM 1240 Class Notes
  5. CSC 4420 Class Notes

Currently, the most popular courses for Wayne State on StudySoup are:

  1. PSY 3350
  2. BA 6020
  3. ENG 1020

StudySoup is making a big push for Wayne State to upload more content from courses such as Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science and Engineering. If there is anyone in these classes that is interested in becoming a Notetaker for their class, encourage them to apply here!

Here are the following classes where Notetakers are needed:

Keep up the good work, Wayne State! We’re making some progress this semester, and good luck on your midterms. Have a great week everyone!


Oct 2 / Nausheen Zaman

Weekly Roundup #1

Hey everyone! I hope people are holding up this week, I know Early Assessments came out this week to scare all of us but we’ve got the rest of this semester to pick ourselves up and work our asses off!

This past week (9/23/2016-9/30/2016), 7 notetakers uploaded course materials to StudySoup! There were 11 new documents uploaded this week, bringing the grand total of documents uploaded by Wayne State notetakers up to 570.

The top 10 most viewed materials that were uploaded from Wayne State this week are as follows:

  1. WSU-CHM1240 Study Guide-Midterm
  2. WSU-CSC4110 Study Guide-Midterm
  3. WSU-BIO2200 Study Guide-Midterm
  4. WSU-MAT1800 Class Notes-Week 1
  5. WSU-Nutrition2030 Class Notes-Week 3
  6. WSU-PHY2180/2185 Class Notes-Week 1
  7. WSU-BIO1500 Class Notes-Week 5
  8. WSU-CSC3110 Class Notes-Week 5
  9. WSU-SLP5120 Class Notes-Week 6
  10. WSU-SPA3300 Class Notes-Week 4

The top 3 most popular documents from this past week are:

  1. WSU-CHM1240 Midterm Study Guide
  2. WSU-MAT1800 Class Notes-Week 1
  3. WSU-PHY2180/2185 Class Notes-Week 1

Currently the most popular classes on StudySoup for Wayne State students are MAT1800 (Elementary Functions) and BIO1510 (Basic Life Mechanisms)

At present we are making a big push for having more notetakers for the following subjects: Linguistics and Speech Pathology, Biology and Math. If there is anyone in these classes who are interested in the Elite Notetaker position, please encourage them to sign up!

This is the first weekly update! Let me know if you have any questions about the elite notetaker positions or anything related to StudySoup. Have a great week, everyone!


Sep 27 / Nausheen Zaman


Hi everyone! My name is Nausheen, and I am a sophomore double majoring in Biology (currently looking to switch into Biomedical Engineering soon!) and Near Eastern studies, along with being in the pre-med program. I still can’t say that in one breath when I’m introducing to myself to others, I have to take a couple. Don’t even get me started on how hard it is to balance, but I love every minute of it and I know that it will pay off. My future goals for myself hopefully are to become successful in the biomedical engineering field and get to be able to create medical devices that better patient treatment and the relationship between a patient and a doctor.


The real reason that I’m here is to talk about StudySoup. If you’ve been in lectures and classes in Wayne State for a couple semesters or so, you may have noticed one of your classmates (sometimes a couple) sending out weekly emails about notes that you can purchase for the week, and sometimes study guides before exams that you forgot about and have to cram for. And they always mention something about ‘StudySoup’, and let’s be honest, being spammed by people is annoying and can get a little irritating.

I was looking for a job when I was a freshman just starting out for college. I wasn’t looking for anything labor-intensive that would take me away from my academics and tire me out very quickly, but I wanted to look for something that would allow me to do my job as a student as well as get money for it. Then I found the flyer for StudySoup. I pretty much signed up right away.

I earned around $520 during my first semester working for StudySoup. Overall for the whole year I earned around $600-something. I used that money to buy the books that I needed as well as other things that I needed for college life. It was glorious. I didn’t think that college students would be so willing to buy my notes but I put effort in my classes and people bought my notes. As far as I was concerned, it was a win-win situation. I worked hard in my classes while I was getting money, more money than I ever really thought I would earn. In the middle of my fall semester I was offered a position as a Campus Mentor and I took that opportunity right away. I ended up getting to know some pretty nice people on StudySoup and really feel like a community. Because that’s what Studysoup really is, a community of sleep-deprived, coffee-powered students just trying to work hard and put our utmost effort in our classes in order to get to wherever we’re trying to go as well as helping out classmates who are also trying to get to that point in their lives too.

Every Elite Notetaker, Campus Ambassador/Mentor, Regional Lead, and everyone else in the StudySoup team are students, just like me. We’re all struggling (except for some special snowflakes that still manage to get 8 hours of sleep a night, come to class acing quizzes and can look totally put together. Please show me your ways) and there’s a sense of relief in that I’m not the only one here. I can go to others for help if I need it. That’s a really good feeling to have when you’re feeling stressed and tired from classes, when you want to give up and just forget about everyone and then remember you aren’t the only person feeling tired.

Sorry, that got deep very fast.

There is a StudySoup Facebook Page (granted it hasn’t been as active as I want it) and since there isn’t a student organization for StudySoup officially listed to my knowledge, I would like to get that done this semester too. There are lots of Elite Notetakers here, but not all of them know each other and know of a Campus Mentor that they can go to. I would like that to change this year.

All in all, I hope everyone has been having a great year so far and finding fulfillment in their studies. Thanks for reading my long post, and I hope you check back again soon! I will be updating this every week, so look forward to some new things every week 🙂


Sep 22 / Nausheen Zaman

Hello world!

Welcome to Wayne State University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!