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Feb 14 / David Strauss

Student Life, Involved and Connected Students, and Valentine’s Day In The Student Center Lower Level

360 student organizations…Student Senate…The South End student newspaper…intramural, club, and intercollegiate athletics…the Campus Activities Team…movie Wednesdays…Thursdays In The D…comedy nights…interactive programming in the Lower Level of the Student Center…this and more is Student Life at Wayne State University.  Through this blog, the Dean of Students Office hopes to share with you exciting news, fun stories, student organization successes, and the rewarding student involvement experiences that come from being a part of student life at Wayne State.

Tonight, in the Lower Level of the Student Center, the Campus Activities Team (student organization) sponsored a “Build A Stuffed Animal” event for students, in honor Valentine’s Day.  We call these programs “make and takes”.  Students love them.

One of our student leaders coordinating the event texted me the above photo.  He said the Lower Level was a zoo (no pun intended!).  It was crowded and students were having fun.

In addition, they were showing the movie “Valentine’s Day” throughout the evening.

Why do students love these events?  One of the goals of student involvement is to give students opportunities to meet other students.  And certainly, as students are immersed in their studies (and they should be…studying must come first), it is good to take a break.  Enter student life!  Something as simple as this event brings hundreds of students together to take a break, meet, laugh and enjoy.  So, as higher education and student affairs researcher Alexander Astin poses, an involved student is a connected student, and a connected student will be more likely to be an engaged and successful student.  So, if an event like this one yields a study buddy, a roommate, a research partner, and/or a friend, then student life is connecting.

And…did you know…that the Lower Level of the Student Center is alive and vibrant?!?!

The Lower Level Warrior Grille is open from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and serves sandwiches, fries, salads, and more.

Every Wednesday the Campus Activities Team shows a movie in the Lower Level at 10:00 p.m.

And, if you want to take a break, try playing pool or ping pong in the Lower Level.

Next up…a review of this Thursday’s “Thursdays In The D” event…a concert at the Majestic Theater by Ingrid Michaelson…free and open only to WSU students…another great benefit of being a student at Wayne State University!