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I wanted this book to be my journey through the class.  Starting from where i was at the beginning of the semester all the way to the very end.  It is divided into chapters of each different stage i feel i was at.  I still do not fully understand the point of cutting out everything and then repasting it to then photocopy it, but none the less I am happy with how my book turned out! I was under the impression that we could use colored paper but apparently I misunderstood that minor detail. Hopefully it doesnt take my grade down too much!

20 Apr 2013

Hoefler & Frere-Jones



Hoefler & Frere-Jones

These typographers interested me because for some reason looking through their website I got this feeling of New York city, sophisticated yet edgy, really sleek looking fonts.  And it made me sorta laugh because looking at their list of clients, one of them is The Wall Street Journal, which wall street is in New York.  So their type to me their type reflects and speaks well to people because the kind of clients they have match well with what their different fonts look like. Topaz is one of their fonts in the above picture, which is also one that I liked the most just because of the line running through the letters.

31 Mar 2013

Coming to an end

Im surprised to say that I am sad this semester is almost over, at least with this class.  I haven’t really felt like I took much of anything in up until this last project; kerned interventions.  Doing this project really forced me to look closely, closer than I have in any of the other projects, at typography.  Its pretty cool to see different letterforms and specific anatomies of letters in each different typeface along with the kerning and leading.  It all creates one amazing piece of art that we are literally surrounded by on a daily basis.  Yet rarely do people notice the beauty in it.

31 Mar 2013

Beatrice Ward Article



Interesting article.   The metaphor of the wine glass is perfect, I had to read it a second time to really appreciate the comparisons she was making to typography.  Typography is an art in itself full of minuscule beautiful details that not many recognize.

31 Mar 2013

Kerned Interventions

I never really realized how incredibly important kerning and tracking is in typography.  Obviously its important but with one single letter even being just the tinniest bit off, it can really throw everything off.  I find myself paying more attention to the kerning in words, and it annoys me beyond belief when something is off.

It is such a lengthy and annoying process though staring at a computer screen at each letter trying to space everything out perfectly.  Sometimes you want to make the letters a perfect even distance apart but that cant be the rule of thumb for every single letter pair.

BUTTTTTTTT since creating logos is something that I am very interested in, I am going to need to suck it up and learn to like kerning letters!

31 Mar 2013

Project 5

IMG_5629 IMG_5640 IMG_5644 IMG_5667 IMG_5687 IMG_5722 IMG_5728 SS After 2 SS After SS Before 3

31 Mar 2013


words, letters, spaces,

between create peaceful signs

read just dont see, smile


31 Mar 2013


After watching a portion of the movie Helvetica its weird to notice all the places that use it.  On billboards, advertisements, newspapers, anything really!

20 Mar 2013

Alex Trochut

Typographer and graphic designer based in Barcelona

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5 Mar 2013


5 Mar 2013