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Feb 13 / RAS

Funding Opportunities Ltd.

With so many research opportunities to sift through, it’s no wonder that some agencies try to be as focused as possible in the projects they consider.  One method used is the “limited funding opportunity,” in which the potential funder will only consider a finite number of applications from any given institution (often, that finite number is “one.”)


Here at Wayne State University, Sarah James is your go-to person for limited funding opportunity administration.  In order to ensure the highest likelihood of proposal acceptance, it is Sarah’s office in the Division of Research that ensures the best-fit candidate from Wayne State is matched with the limited opportunity, and prevents extra work from being done on an opportunity that has already been claimed.  Many limited submission opportunities are listed on a dedicated website,  but the list is by no means exhaustive:  if you run across an opportunity that limits the number of applications from a single university, you must contact Sarah James before you submit, whether the opportunity is listed on WSU’s site or not.


If multiple parties from WSU are interested in a limited opportunity, the Division of Research will hold an internal competition to consider whether a pre-proposal meets all eligibility requirements specified by the funding organization RFA, are scientifically and technically strong, and promote the greater WSU research mission.  Every situation is unique, so don’t waste your time: contact the Division of Research right away if you find a limited submission of interest!