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Mar 5 / RAS

You May Need an Appendectomy

Strictly-speaking, we’re speaking of the removal of information in a document appendix, of course. The “Appendices” section of the SF424 cannot be used to get around the page limits of other sections (the most popular? Research Strategy, which is limited to 12 pages for an R01 in case you’re counting along).  Information that *is* allowed as appendices includes:

  •   Up to 3 of the following types of publications (any exceptions will be noted in your announcement):
    • Manuscripts and/or abstracts accepted for publication but not yet published
    • Published manuscripts and/or abstracts only when a free, online, publicly available journal link is not available
    • Patents materials directly relevant to the project
  • Surveys, questionnaires, data collection instruments, etc.
  • Clinical protocols
  • Informed consent documents (as necessary)

Information that is NOT allowed in the appendix is:

  • Published manuscripts and/or abstracts that are publicly available in a free, online format
    •  Note: you can reference these in the application, and URLs and PMCID numbers can be included in the References Cited section.  There is no limit on the number of references you can site, but applicants are encouraged to be “both judicious and concise.”
  • Graphic images of gels, micrographs, photographs, etc.  These may be included in your research plan and are therefore subject to the page limit.  The  SF 424 (R&R) Application Guide sets forth guidance as to size and resolution of images that you may include in your plan
    • Note: there are some liberties that may be taken with PAPER SUBMISSIONS ONLY.  If you are planning on submitting via paper application, please contact RAS and we will clarify your latitude.

For more details on what is and is not allowable, check out NOT-OD-07-018.  If you’re unclear on whether your planned appendix is permissible, drop RAS a note; we’ll help you figure it out!