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May 28 / Wayne State University

Six LIS Sites You Should Add to Your RSS Feed

Beginning next week, the SLIS Blog will be changing our schedule to just two times a week for the remainder of the summer.

To prepare for the change, today I’ll just share my top six LIS-related websites:

  1. INALJ – aka I Need A Library Job. If you aren’t already receiving her daily jobs digest, go sign up now. It’s a fantastic list of library related jobs that’s updated daily and probably the most comprehensive list in our field.
  2. Hiring Librarians – Another great job related blog that posts interviews with hiring managers in various libraries. Get the inside scoop on how to score that job.
  3. Hack Library School – Get insights from other LIS students at programs across the country.
  4. LIS Events – This is a relatively new addition to the LIS Host group. It shows conferences and other events. Great if you’re looking to attend or present. Hopefully, more will be added as the site gets rolling.
  5. LIS News and LIS Wire – Speaking of the LIS Host group, these two sites are a great addition to your RSS feed as they’ll give you library news of all shapes and sizes.

What’s your favorite LIS related website? Let us know in the comments!