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Aug 18 / Christine Illichmann

Network, build your resume – student organizations do this and more!

Student organizations at Wayne State School of Information Science offer students an opportunity to pursue professional interests, network with others and learn more on specific topics outside of the classroom. They also offer experiences and leadership opportunities that make excellent additions to resumes and CVs. Most organizations offer ways for students to participate regardless of location, so virtual students can play a part no matter where they may be located.

AYSL – Aspiring Youth and School Librarians
Aspiring Youth and School Librarians (AYSL) is a student group at Wayne State University’s School of Library and Information Science. It provides a forum for students interested in youth librarianship, education, and media to learn about and discuss youth information services in all of its forms.  We have monthly meetings during the school year to critically evaluate children’s literature or attend a presentation by a current professional. We maintain an online presence to discuss current topics and trends or to alert members of potential learning opportunities.

You can visit their Facebook group:

And read their blog at:

ASIS&T – Association for Information Science and Technology
The mission of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) is to advance the information sciences and related applications of information technology by providing focus, opportunity, and support to information professionals and organizations. The Wayne State student chapter of ASIS&T aims to provide career development opportunities, online and in-person, for students in the field of information science and technology. Members present programming such as: webinars, film screenings, panel discussions and presentations, attend ASIS&T events and participate in special projects, where they interact and connect with other students, practitioners, researchers and professors in the field.

Students interested in joining the student chapter for the 2017-18 academic year, launching in September, should send an email to to get involved and receive a special invite to the cohort’s Slack group.

Follow the WSU Chapter of ASIS&T on Facebook:

FLID – Future Librarians for Inclusivity and Diversity

Future Librarians for Inclusivity and Diversity (FLID) provides a safe space for up and coming library and information science (LIS) professionals to gain a better understanding of diversity within the profession and underserved populations.  In preparation for working with individuals from these groups, FLID’s mission will be to expose SIS students to issues surrounding diverse cultures, lifestyles, physical abilities, and religious beliefs within the LIS field.

The organization promotes awareness by organizing on and off-campus events (social, educational or otherwise) for SIS students to learn about, exchange ideas, and perhaps resolve issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in LIS.

Follow FLID on Facebook at

NDSA Infographic

NDSA – The National Digital Stewardship Alliance

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) has agreed to partner with Wayne State University’s School of Library and Information Science for their first ever student chapter. Students joining this group delve into the issues of Digital Preservation, assist in the development of outreach education for these fragile and outdated storage formats, create educational videos, and provide input to the NDSA Wiki. There is the opportunity for further research in the arena, assisting to develop standards, participating in projects, and presenting at conferences.

Follow NDSA on Facebook:

And visit their blog:


SAA members on a tour of Eastern Michigan University archives

SAA – Society of American Archivists


The Wayne State chapter of the Society of American Archivists is a wonderful stepping stone for students with little to no experience in the archival field. SAA sets incoming students up with professionals and trained students to help better their chances at becoming full-fledged archivists post-graduation. SAA meets on a monthly basis during the Fall and Winter semesters, many times with special guests to talk a little about their specialties in the archival fields and to share advice for up-and-coming graduates. SAA also works with local professional organizations and individuals to put on workshops and presentations as a means to provide experience for our members. This past May, SAA revitalized the opportunity for members to tour information facilities around the area, including archives, historical societies, museums, and local libraries, just to name a few. Our main goals are to prepare archival students with the means to better their professional standing when they graduate with their MLIS and/or Archival Certificate.

Check ou the SAA Website: