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Sep 10 / Christine Illichmann

Introducing the Information Warrior Manifesto

What does it mean to be a student or alumnus of the School of Information Sciences? Our new Information Warrior Manifesto shares the spirit of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The manifesto states:

“We are community builders. We create spaces where all are welcome. We build bridges that close the digital divide. We help businesses grow. We help individuals succeed. We offer books that build imagination, fuel dreams and give hope. We battle misinformation. We are armed with facts and we are fortified by our education. We defend the freedom of information. We make information accessible and we create information finding tools. We design websites. We develop apps. We fight for the protection of privacy. We create code. We wrangle big data. We teach. We ensure that knowledge and information are available to the masses. We protect history. We archive human knowledge and experiences. We prepare children for their future and we prepare adults to take on new challenges. We are INFORMATION WARRIORS.”

Download your Information Warrior Manifesto Printable and show your SIS pride!


  1. Christine Illichmann / Sep 14 2018

    Hi Anissa! Yes, please go ahead and use it as a profile pic on social media, skype, outlook, etc. Thanks for asking!

  2. Anissa / Sep 14 2018

    Are we allowed to use the image of the manifesto as a profile pic on social media, Outlook or Skype (at work)? Thanks!

  3. Christine Illichmann / Sep 12 2018

    Glad you like it, Efsane!

  4. Efsane Reklam / Sep 10 2018

    team spirit. thank you.

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