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Dec 14 / Matthew Fredericks

December 2018 SIS Graduates do their “Degree March” at the Fox Theater

It was great to see excited Wayne State University SIS students at Fox Theater on Tuesday, December 12  eager to receive their diplomas! Many graduates could not make it in person, but Erinn Huebner, Andrea Salazar, Franco Vitella, Lucia Modestino, Anthony Willard, Brooke Boyst, Jennifer Brcka, Angelia Buckingham, Cristy Burchartz, Courtney Cooney, Chelsea Eskander, Joyce Krom, Tekedra Lofton, Kellie Madis, Seneca Shaffer, Catherine Sossi, Kaitlyn Van Kampen, Krysta Vincent, Sarah Welch, Loni Wetherell, Catherine Yezak, Jena Razor, and Sabin Visan all came to Detroit for their “degree march”.


Nothing makes students smile like graduation!









WSU Libraries Graduate Student Assistant Krysta Vincent gets ready to receive her diploma.















Waiting patiently.











SIS students Sabin Visan and Joyce Krom wait to receive their diplomas at commencement.















Getting the stage set for December 2018 Wayne State University graduates!…











The video below starts with the School of Information Sciences graduates receiving their diplomas from Dean Cawthorne and Interim Director Hermina Anghelescu.