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Jun 6 / Matthew Fredericks

Calling Archival Students for Summer Projects

SIS has at least four projects for the summer.

If you are interested in one of them, please email Archival Program Coordinator Kim Schroeder with “Summer 2019 Projects” in the subject line.

1) Grosscup Anthropology Museum – WSU – Detroit

  • We just got a few hundred slides that Gordon had at his house that we need to digitize. They’re from the Fort Wayne excavations in the 1970s.
  • We have started taking our manuscripts out of the manila folders they were in and putting them into acid-free folders, labeling them and putting them in hanging file folders. This needs more work and we also two drawers labeled ‘oversized’ and I don’t even know what’s in them
  • We have a collection of papers from Bunny (a former professor) that were stashed in the archive that we need to sort out (it is basically her whole office – about 6 or 7 boxes plus two full file cabinets). When I asked the university archivist if she would take it she said they would, but they need us to give them some general sense of what we have in each box before we give it over. I’ve seen some materials in skimming that are from her time on the board of some national organizations and I think we should actually send those off to those organizations for their own archives. Anything that can be done to help us move this project forward is excellent.
  • We could really use some finding aids for different archaeological sites. Right now everything in the archive is just in order by manuscript number, and the numbers are based purely on when we cataloged it. So if we could start putting together some lists for sites that compile information on manuscripts, field notes, photographs, artifact catalog sheets, etc… that would be very helpful. There are some on our website that are similar, but many are likely inadequate (if you look at our online collections some of them have something similar:
  • We are trying to improve our use of Past Perfect – if someone wants to help us make a user guide (I’ve been meaning to) for our collections, that would be a great project as well. I would say someone can work on entering data into past perfect for us as well, but it always ends up being pretty complicated if you don’t know about archaeology, so I would only give a project like that to someone you feel could manage that.

Hours of Operation: By Appointment during the week

2) Second Avenue Baptist Church – Underground Railroad Site – Detroit

Finishing the inventory of the archives of this historic church which was organized in 1836.

Properly packing and storing memorabilia.

Hours of Operation: By Appointment during the week

3) Hellenic Museum – Detroit

The museum has quite a lot of donations that have not been inventoried and I was wondering if you have any students who might be interested in helping me with this project over the summer and also possibly into the Fall? If there is a student who is interested, I am hoping to get the items inventoried, photographed and into a database (likely PastPerfect).

There are also items in the museum without labels (currently on display!) I also need help researching these items and creating the text.

Hours of Operation: By Appointment during the week

4) Judson Center – Royal Oak

This almost 100 year old social services organization would like to create an inventory of its archive and get a budget recommendation for supplies and digitization.

They are also interested in having a history of their organization written up for their 95th anniversary which is this Fall.

Hours of Operation M-F 9-5pm

5) Freer House – Detroit –

Assist an iconic house in research regarding its construction and art. Also, the Director was a founding member of Preservation Detroit so there is some research needed on that history.


Kim Schroeder
Coordinator, Archival Program
Lecturer and Career Advisor
Wayne State University
School of Information Sciences
Faculty Advisor for National Digital Stewardship Alliance
313 577-9783
Career Advising Page