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Sep 1 / Shirley Hunter

Hello world!

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Sep 1 / Shirley Hunter

Isn’t Evolution just a Theory?/Why is evolution controversial anyway?/What about God?

Evolution is theory supported by science of the enivornment and inference of natural selection. Introduced by Charles Darwin; through his sciencitific research he believe that the world and all it’s fullness were created by a huge explosion and that man are decedent from apes. The Bible description of how the heavens, earth and man were created by God leaves human curiosity and limited understanding seeking how human and the environment came about. However; God gave man dominion of the  world and to take care of it. In order to take care of the world and each other, God also gave man limited understanding in pursuit of the the wisdom of Gods creations. Evolution to me was given through spirit so  man could evolve from whence the words were spoken to create. Evolution use natural understanding  of the atmosphere, organism, gravity, genetics, vegetation etc… Evolution is controversial because some try to use the natural to understand the supernatural spiritual realm of which the world. Research is not denied by cause and effect or inference. Although these are what man can see and comprehend  with his understanding. Some individuals believe only what has scientific hypothesis and what he can see. Evolution is for mans need to understand the natural. It’s use should be for science not as a substitution for Gods hypothesis. The world is spirit breathe a realm surpassing understanding. God is spirit. God is omniscience, omnipotent, omnipresent. God gives wisdom and understanding of all things to man for his purpose. We are to maintain the world he gave us. There is a spiritual realm man can not see or understand the great things God created, we are to trust his word. God can not lie.