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22 Apr 2013

Break out the champagne…

The irony of this… it’s spectacular. I need this sweater 

17 Feb 2013

50 reasons not to date a Graphic Designer

Came across this blog post when looking for content for my visual research. At first it made me laugh and then I had to stop when I realized that a lot of these points describe me before and after I became a graphic design student… #Destiny

17 Feb 2013

DGC Armature and Grid notes

Typographers use two things to design

  • a typographic element
  • the space within and surrounding it


Armatures, grids and grid systems are devised to assist hierarchy to help structure both elements in space



  • Underlying structure
  • bind elements through deliberate but fairly random placement ruled by “intuitively” divided space
  • principles of alignment, visual proportion, balance, harmony
  • compositionally satisfying drawing


  • Underlying structure
  • structural in addition to visual rules governing placement
  • rigid vessels


Grid Systems

  • similar principles to grid except within a calculated program
  • mechanical plan for placement
  • spans pages
  • organizational map
  • White space
  • modules build structure



17 Feb 2013

Video Crit

Spontaneous –


27 Nov 2012

Project 4 Development

The following are the sketches and practice that I’ve done for this project.

18 Nov 2012

Project 4 Research

Just some images I’ve come across in my research for the current project. The first was found on a blog. It’s a modular type face created just of circles and squares. Interesting to see how just one or two additions ( or subtractions ) to a simple shape can change it into a recognizable formal system


This one is even more of an abstraction but still just using simple circles to make up the letterforms





6 Nov 2012

Fictional letterforms Part II

Sketched some new letter forms in the previous class. Came up with a b/g that I like more than the german q’s and the N/J that I named jnox ( silent j please ). I think I want this one as my final letterform. I had to alter it from its original sketch which was much more bold of a “font”. After rendering in illustrator I had to make changes  to the weight of the strokes an make it much much more thin.

23 Oct 2012

Fictional letterforms

I’ve been exploring the letters of my transitional font, new baskerville. I’ve made several observations about this font. Many of the repeated features include extreme tapers ( mostly in the round forms ), deep curves at the base of the serifs, lots of 45 degree angles and flowy very handwritten like forms to the letters. The goal is to incorporate as many of these features in my fictional letter form as possible.

16 Oct 2012

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

20 Sep 2012